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6 responses to “Hansen retires to embrace activism”

  1. alfred venison

    i admire him for this. integrity. with his public profile he will lend weight to whatever/whoever he stands with. the ncse must be chuffed to have him on board. the ncse were the people who advised the lawyers in the famous dover “panda” trial. -a.v.

  2. jess

    I’m not really a fan of the shifted bell curve diagram which has been doing the rounds because I’m not sure it’s quite right. Shouldn’t the standard deviation increase as you increase the mean temperature?

    So the bell curve should get flatter, lower and wider. There’s still the reduced likelihood of cold events, but they still occur. However the increase in variance is also really important in changing the probabilities in the tails of the curve.

  3. Martin B

    Jess, yes that’s right. It’s a relatively small flattening, but it should be noticeable.

    The global average SD of local temperature variation went from 0.50°C over the period 1951–80 to 0.58°C over the period 1981–2010.

    Hansen et al “Perception of Climate Change

  4. Hoa Minh Truong

    The climate change has became the realistic problem, there is not only the scientists as David Suzuki, Tim Flannery, Hansen or former vice president Al Gore concern, but the most people recognize the planet being threatened by the weather changes. The natural disaster causes by people, but the scientific report or warning may display the fact of the dioxide released, therefore the important reason should be ignored. Likely a medical doctor give the remedy medicine to relieve patient for a while the illness cause does’t find yet.
    The products label” made in China” spread through out the world market, the most China made could be harmed the consumer by contamination, poison and hygienic process, despite the low price could excite the people.
    Our planet has been changing badly by natural disaster and temperature increases, but the world consumer contribute the dioxide released while buying the product from China, a largest population and also the number one dioxide delivers into sky.
    Eventually, the product of western country expect match the quality and long lasting, although the price would be dearer. But China product is cheaper, therefore the quality is not durable, so the products of China have to replace many times, then the dioxide would be added many times as the same product, the reason explains China is the most carbon released.
    However, the poor quality of China made that help the Chinese have the job, remaining the economic growth and they become the second economic center in the world. On the other hand, China gains profit and keeping job for its people so far so good, but the world has been harming by the climate change. Buying product by China means contribute for the planet’s disaster.
    Likely the electrical appliances, parts made by China, the customer have to buy many times as the same product of the western country made, so the dioxide released more.