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18 responses to “LP and Catallaxy to merge”

  1. Robert Merkel

    I’d just like to add that my students and I have been working on adding Guardian Goggles support to the new, merged site.

    One app for the goggles that we’re particularly keen to distribute we call “Devine Intervention”; it automatically dims the lenses whenever an article by Miranda Devine appears in the Goggles’ field of view.

    We are also working on an app to avoid repetitive reading of anything written by Clive Hamilton; unfortunately, solving the Hamilton Cycle problem is infeasible at the moment.

  2. Liam

    I have been invited to write a regular column for The Australian on the ALP, federal labor’s history, the Party’s relationship with the union movement and politics in general. Stay tuned!

  3. verity violet

    I’ll make coffee shall I? Does my bum look big in this?…

  4. Helen

    This is such great news, as I’ve been a fan of Catallaxy for so long now and am looking forward to the mature socratic discourse we will be treated to in the near future!

  5. Ambigulous


    are you able to confirm other developments?

    i) C. Pearson Maximus columns all to be in Latin henceforthimus

    ii) new “Cut and Run” column devoted to hilarious typos in Coalition press releases

    iii) lengthy article by j_p_z commissioned: “What You Guys Don’t Understand About US Politics” (in five parts)

    iv) Weather Scepticism to be given more sympathetic treatment

  6. David Irving (no relation)

    Sweet! I’m looking forward to this so much!

  7. zorronsky

    April 1 hmmm.

  8. paul burns

    Well, its not quite midday.

  9. nottrampis

    the best news on April 1 ever!

  10. j_p_z

    When my kid sister was a toddler, she used to get very excited by the idea of April Fools. She would play some mischievous prank, and then proudly exclaim, “Happy Saint Fool’s Day!” I don’t know where she picked up that association.

    Ambigulous — I think it would have to be in ten parts, at a minimum.

  11. Roger Jones

    The bit about Clive H was serious though, wasn’t it 😉

  12. faustusnotes

    I’m disappointed, because the shallowness of debate here had convinced me to quit and join catallaxy. Now that you’ve merged, I am unable to ragequit!

  13. Peter Murphy

    So how do LP’s secret backers in Pyongyang think about this?

  14. Terangeree

    Vegemite as a Drop Bear repellant.

  15. David Irving (no relation)

    It must work, Terangeree. I’ve never seen one, and I eat a fair bit of Vegemite.

  16. Terangeree

    Maybe it’s your Australian accent, Mr Irving.

  17. jumpy

    LP will be merging with Catallaxy

    I’m sure the Cats would enjoy that a lot more than the Cat Herders.

  18. wmmb

    A marriage made in heaven; a divorce made in hell.