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10 responses to “Climate clippings 74”

  1. John D

    Brian, you say “I think there is a fair chance that an Abbott government would find the whole direct action, or most of it, unaffordable in the context of the presumed ‘budget crisis’. If so the world will simply pass them by.”
    My take is that as the rest of the world is doing more and more they will start to make things difficult for developed countries with high per capita footprints.

  2. nottrampis

    I have a new column on Around the traps called Enviroment and I suspect it will involve mostly your work.

    I might call it Brian Banisch’s spot!

  3. pablo

    Brian @ 3 on electric vehicle charging. Some planning is being done in Australia. For example the 160km F3 between Sydney and Newcastle has had the energy assessors measuring. It had been thought that E vehicles could do the trip but terrain and vehicle weight suggested the need for a charge stop at 94km.
    Looking at that US map you would not be able currently to cross the nation in your Leaf given the sparseness of charge points in the mid west. But I guess exponentially speaking all that could quickly change.

  4. Salient Green

    I read all of Brian’s posts avidly but rarely comment. Much of the info I have read previously but there is great value in the summation and revision. Very often there is also new information. I just wanted to emphasise that the small number of comments doesn’t reflect a lack of interest. Thanks Brian.

  5. pablo

    Ditto Brian. I also wonder if there is among those ‘forward’ thinkers on climate change/AGW (ie anyone who takes an interest) an element of ‘climate fatigue’ in absorbing the latest evidence. We all know the subject and response is so vast and on such a time scale that action on an individual, even national level is fraught with doubt. I think there ought to be some national leadership on crisis management in facing a potential weather/climate event. The example of petrol rationing in the face of panic buying with a ‘fuel threat’ comes to mind as an urban phenomena in an area not to do with climate change. Emptying supermarket shelves could be another ‘trigger’ event that governments should be putting on par with a run on banks in a financial crisis which we know they fear.
    But you can see it currently in agriculture as state and federal governments try to come to grips with something to replace ‘exceptional circumstances’ (or dealing with drought) . The failure of the last big wet in northern Australia cattle country is another ‘real time’ sector example which could have profound future impacts for those involved.
    Both could be seen to be climate change issues even though they are under-whelming for most of us in an urban sense.
    Are there mass psychologists out there ready to lead the charge?

  6. Ootz

    Pablo, looks like the Chines know something about mass psychology!

    “China emissions cap proposal hailed as climate breakthrough …… China’s emissions super tanker is starting to turn. So is Australia’s, but the reason China will continue to be successful is because that they can give investors confidence that they are serious about driving low carbon development. The lessons for developed countries like Australia is that we risk being left in its wake, and washed up against the rocks if we are not careful.”

  7. Salient Green

    “Engineers Design, Test Taller, High-Strength Concrete Towers for Wind Turbines”

    There’s mention of concrete increasing “steel’s 20-year tower life”.
    Damned if I can see why a steel tower can’t last 50 or 100 years with proper maintenance.
    Aside from that, taller towers could increase energy production by 15%.

  8. Jumpy

    Tesla pays off loan.

    Shares going good.