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11 responses to “Love thy neighbour”

  1. Sam

    It was ever thus. There was an episode of Yes Minister where Jim Hacker is defending Britain’s possession of nuclear weapons to a local councillor.

    Councillor: “This is a unilateralist borough. We do not believe in nuclear war.”

    Hacker “I don’t believe in it either, but the provision
    of shelters is government policy.”

    Councillor “It is not Thames Marsh policy.
    Thames Marsh has no quarrel with the USSR.”

    Hacker “It’s not just the USSR we’re frightened of.
    It could be the Fre…”

    Councillor “The who?”

    Hacker “The… frigging Chinese!”

  2. Peter Murphy

    Cuts are seen as more appropriate than stimulus (median 59 to 29) except in Greece and Poland.

    That’s the most surprising and depressing idea in there. Cuts don’t seem to be doing much good in Europe.

  3. David Irving (no relation)

    It’s not too surprising that the Greeks don’t like cuts, Peter. They’re living with the consequences of policy failure.

  4. Paul Norton
  5. Sam

    Heaven is where the police are British, the cooks are French, the
    mechanics German, the lovers Italian and its all organised by the

    Hell is where the chefs are British, the mechanics French, the
    lovers Swiss, the police German and its all organised by the Italians.

  6. paul burns

    Not funny, [email protected]

    [Agreed, previous comment has been removed ~ Mod]

  7. Sam

    I had a feeling my comment would be censored.


  8. Peter Murphy

    “Austerity” has been utterly disastrous for Greece, but it hasn’t been too good for most of the other EU countries, David. The UK escaped the third dip that makes a triple dip recession earlier this year, leaving them only in a mere double dip recession. The cause for the depressing results has been blames on Cameron and Osbourne’s cuts.

    Krugman has been like a broken record the last few years: you cut government expenditure when the economy is doing well, not when it’s doing badly.

  9. duncan

    Sam’s comment was funny… some people are too precious.

  10. Graham Bell

    Had a laugh at the first table on Stereotyping: Views in – Poland …. yep, that would be just about right; Poland is Poland. Strong views are, and always have been, an integral part of the national psyche; if you want blandness, try perhaps Costa Rica or Monaco.

    Views of Country Direction: Dissatisfied 70%, Satisfied 27% – it was ever thus; that’s one of the reasons that Poland has not only survived but is now on the way to greater prosperity …. if the figures were ever reversed, Poland really would be going down the gurgler.

    So, folks, don’t just take the bald figures and plain responses alone but look at the cultures and histories – and the aspirations – behind them.

    My take on this is that a united, peaceful Europe is doing just fine …. pity about their finance sectors though.

  11. Graham Bell

    Did I say ‘united, peaceful Europe”?

    That might be a bit of a dream at present – with 12% official unemployment but over 50% among young graduates in some area.

    You can hear the rumble of the tumbrils already.