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12 responses to “Weekly Whimsy”

  1. jules

    Here’s to Albert Hoffmann – while his death didn’t delight (or really suprise) me, something else he was associated with certainly has at times.

  2. Sceptic

    Being a patriot I have been making Anzac biscuits of late which have delighted all. We have been positively engaged in eating them. A little boy I know is always asking for another Isaac as he has just learnt about Isaac Day at kinder. Here is the recipe. 1 and 1/4 cups of flour, I cup rolled oats, 1/2 cup desiccated coconut, 2 tbs golden syrup, 150g unsalted butter, 1/2 teaspoon bicarbonate. Preheat oven to 170 deg c. Combine dry ingredients. Heat syrup and butter over low heat. Add bicarbonate off heat. It will bubble up. Roll into smallish balls. Flatten the tops. Cook 12 min. Nicest I have made because they are crispy. Should be golden brown.

  3. Russell

    A bit dreary in Perth today … this is amusing, if you haven’t seen it.

    Reminds me of the people’s choice in Macquarie’s word of the year:

    First World problem:
    (noun) a problem that relates to the affluent lifestyle associated with the First World, that would never arise in the poverty-stricken circumstances of the Third World, as having to settle for plunger coffee when one’s espresso machine is not functioning.

    There was also a bit of enjoyable reading in The Guardian as Ian Martin pithily described the British PM’s who have served during his life:

    ”All British prime ministers are cartoonish. Churchill was at the dispatch box when I was born. Coronation year, 1953 – a world of smog and tripe. Since then I have coughed and chewed my way through a lot of prime ministers. Eden: suave man-cloud. Macmillan: human coelacanth. Douglas-Home: skeletal gasbag. Wilson: squeaky pillock. Heath: juddering berk. Wilson again: deflated blimp. Callaghan: lumbering clod. Thatcher: pitiless monster. Major: mumbling sod. Blair: lying shit. Brown: gasping boulder. Cameron: oily dollop. I never warmed to any of them.”

  4. paul burns
  5. Sceptic

    I am weeping uncontrollably after hearing Sophie Mirabella discussing industry policy on ABC.

  6. Mindy

    That’s not whimsical Sceptic. Here, have an emergency kitten.

  7. Mindy
  8. Mindy
  9. Paul Norton
  10. Sceptic

    Thanks Mindy, you can send me pics of cats any day particularly tabbies from the back alley, the long, lean Asiatic mix.

  11. Paul Norton

    Another word I’d add to the 27 is ‘roynish’, which will be familiar to readers of The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant but not to many others.

    BTW it’s a funny thing, but ever since the ur-viles switched their allegiance from evil to good, Stephen Donaldson has eased up on describing them as roynish.

  12. Paul Norton

    The Chinese Professor Long Wang seems to have had a building erected in his honour