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7 responses to “Weekly Whimsy”

  1. paul burns
  2. BilB

    I don’t understand your confusilation, PB. This is clearly an attempt to simplify keypad design for smart phone producers. Professor Horobin is out of pace with the skill level of young texters.

    I marveled at the speed with which my 1 week to 15 year old tap out a complex message. She flushed briefly then suddenly slowed to a self conscious pace, which I learned later lasted several months. She’d never noticed that she had been doing 30 words a minute with two thumbs. A year later I had another opportunity to cramp her style in front of her friends only to be berated for the for the earlier “assault”.

    “I don’t see your issue”, I said “you were after in fact all thumbs to begin with”. Pregnant pause then laughter all round.

    Undeterred this time she continued at even greater speed,….with full and correct punctuation. I think the good professor has launched upon a fools errand. No confusion there.

  3. paul burns

    Dunno. Doan have a smart phone. 🙂

  4. BilB

    Smart choice.

  5. Jumpy


    and insisted that “spelling is not a reliable indication of intelligence”.

    Ain’t dat da trooth.

  6. FDB
  7. Jumpy

    Just an old puppet show I found on the net.
    I think it’s brilliant.