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18 responses to “Lazy Sunday”

  1. Helen

    Here’s something to cheer up even the most embittered drive-by victim of the recent national unhinging: A pinwheel of scottie pups!


  2. Paul Norton

    Miso soup with kimchi and mi goreng noodles for lunch.

  3. Mindy

    That is bloody effective Helen. I gave the shower its biannual clean and have put all the bed sheets on the line in the sun. Might even get them dry today.

  4. paul walter

    Thanks, Helen.

  5. faustusnotes


  6. philip travers

    Been working on cleaning up and preparing a bodgey tap for a extra water supply.The logic must be then to save money on the tap fittings.Going down on computer Credit.

  7. akn

    I took my son and The strapper for a quick tour of a local Nature Reserve now under threat from logging due to the inability of Forests NSW to manage forest resources and due to the anti-greenie ‘get back’ currently under way in NSW at the hands of O’Farrell and the gun nuts in the upper house.

    Forests NSW, sort of like DOCS for trees; totally incompetent.

    Then settled in to a fire, snoring dogs, cooking osso bucco to be followed by rhubabrb pie (from the garden) with wholemeal pastry.

  8. Ambigulous

    King Parrots munching feijoas (pineapple guavas) on our tree this morning. This afternoon, an Eastern Rosella had its turn.

  9. paul burns

    potato pie, pepper pie. Pepper pie, which I’m now eating, is a bit, well, peppery.
    Reading Julie Peakman’s Lascivious Bodies. A Sexual History of the Eighteenth Century. Its okay, but I’ve read four or five books on this topic plus some articles over the years and they all seem to cover the same ground.

  10. zorronsky

    I have a new Deerhound to convince he cannot chase the dozens of ‘Roos that invade the sheep paddocks from the Grampians National Park. Big job as he is a 3 year old. The fly in the ointment is his new pal my foxy Jacky cross. The combination of a Deerhound led from a mountain bike and the constant ‘roo traffic scattering in front of a little black and white forward scout keeps this elderly risk taker very busy.

  11. Mindy

    Just googled norovirus FN. Hope it is short lived for you 🙁

  12. Russell

    “Just googled norovirus FN. Hope it is short lived for you ”

    Something I would never dare to do: either I would think I had it, or if not, that doubtless I was heading for it.

    Spent the day slaving in the garden (council pickup tomorrow) and was forming an ambition to concrete the thing over. Never ending work. But when I came in I picked up a book I bought yesterday called
    “Philosophy in the Garden” and am reminded what a privilege it is to have one. Apparently poor old Jane Austen couldn’t write without a garden.

    The other book I bought is “Servants: a downstairs view of twentieth-century Britain” and I got both of these because I heard the authors talking on the radio. Radio must be the biggest boon to the publishing industry!

  13. Graham Bell

    Friday: Funeral, in Rockhampton, of Val Shoolepoff: teacher, linguist, archivist, scholar, and, answering a call to vocation in middle-age, Catholic priest. The community and the nation are poorer for his passing.

    Saturday: Continuing with the latest stage of the clean-up after the Australia day floods. Amazing what can turn up under the now-dry silt and flood debris.

    Sunday: There were a lot of things that I should have done on my Must-Do-Now list …. but didn’t. Instead, I just rested – for a change.

  14. philip travers

    Russell,look mate,you can have concrete and a well garden.Just think about it.Castor wheels with either made boxes or other containers.And save the soil by having places to keep it aerated and to gush some water down.Get a lot of horse manure into the soil first,before you concrete.Who knows it maybe a paying story for you,if you care about the soil and worms etc.before you concrete up. Hardly anyone tries the opposite of common sense,by a better equipped sense of prospect.You have seen concrete driveways and plants in pots..It was a fine tradition in Australia,before water restrictions came in,to hose down houses along the walls and let the water drain away via the concrete and lawn.The cooling effect of hosing carried into the atmosphere thus acting in part,like a well grown and shady tree.Except for the water use.Which can be timed so that excess water use and temperature realities involved in evapo-and transpiration will not exist.Permaculture magazine had veges etc. growing in feed stock type bags.So even a bit of art work on them or structuring like making mud ceramics in ,say tubular plastic or metal,means them become a support background to the feedstock bags and whatever else you may have growing.Do both.Concrete,and art work on that,eg.stencils,and with castor wheels,everyday a different visual scene,oops,can be rearranged.At a comfortable height above concrete.Produce some work and set an example.Get it up on the computer. In summer and winter the plants could act like a thermal mass,and no water is wasted then,spraying the walls down.

  15. philip travers

    Graham here.And I tried to find my old book on telephoney ,but as of this time of night cannot find it. Instead I offer what I just found in a book whose title is Principles of Radio by Kenneth Henney Wiley and sons Inc. 1942 edition. A chapter called capacitance.[Look up what you can do with ultra or supercapacitors via video you tube including C.S.I.R.O. research].Some do not like pushbikes and motorised vehicles generally. My Quote.Now from page 93.Electrostatic and electromagnetic fields.The energy existing in a inductive circuit is said to exist in the electromagnetic field surrounding the inductance. …my quote goes on about lines of force of magnets and how to find them by iron filings….The energy in a condenser is said to exist in the electrostatic field. This is the locality in which the electrical strain exists.that is,in the non conductors in the vicinity of the conducting surfaces which are charged. This field cannot be explored with any magnetic substance,but can be discovered by any form of charged bodies or any container of static electricity. Goes on about antennas. capacity and inductance,high voltages and considerable energy. Next paragraph gives the standard cliche example of static discharge off cat fur.And then what was a very dangerous problem of static build up around gasoline tanks of trucks raising the voltage of the tank to a considerable degree. Rubber tyres acted as insulatorsSparks passed and neutralize the charge,but the result would be a tank related explosion. To prevent this all gasoline trucks trail an iron chain which connects the tank electrically with ground and discharges static electricity as fast as as as fast as it is produced.Sorry. I just think,in a Graham sense,that maybe,a new look at this problem will actually mean a more efficient condenser capacitor.I rarely see a gasoline driven truck doing this today.There is a major capacitor producer in the U.S.A. that even has a electrostatic battery coupled to the ordinary batteries for superior electro truck matters.Russian research on capacitors wins awards.Some one who isn’t gutless should electrify a piano and attach a small series of regular electronic capacitors.A new energy maybe found within the SolFeggio area.Spelling and presentation mistakes, I cannot help at this time. I will go crazy,if I added extras like references etc.

  16. philip travers

    Very high temperatures in the U.S.A. roads could melt .Oh!,Dear! wouldn’t want a dangling chain in the asphalt then again it might be interesting to know what if at all will happen. And invariably could be useful. Tired my computer out.Cost over run.Over and out.Watch the Sun folks.

  17. Terangeree

    The bride had me painting kitchen cabinets morning and night, which caused a little bit of disharmoniousness here in Terangeree Turrets. Intermission was a rain-sodden early afternoon at a Brisbane beach.

    Both children were highly delighted at Saturday’s acquisition of two whoopee cushions.

    But now, at least, the kitchen looks nice again 🙂

  18. Geoff Henderson

    Driving across the Mohave desert today – 116F had the aircon struggling.