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36 responses to “Who invented the internet in Australia”

  1. silkworm

    Let’s also not forget Al Gore’s contribution to the Internet. It was Gore who wrote the legislation that brought the Internet into being in the US.

  2. joy Cooper

    Great post, Robert. Tony Abbott & his cronies are very good at inventing tall tales but not at inventing useful stuff.

    Turnbull was good at seeing an opportunity for making money but that does not make him the technological guru Abbott likes to brag he is. Actually, I believe Turnbull probably knows that the Coalition’s alternative to the NBN’s FTTP is an inferior substitute but his political ambitions prevent him from saying so. He’s gutless.

  3. John D

    I remember using OZEMAIL to send 10 mb drawings to Newcastle. Took about an hour to send. I am sure Turnbull of all people knows how fast speeds have grown and that Labor’s NBN is what the future needs.
    Perhaps some of Malcolm’s colleagues are now starting to think about how the LNP should respond to Labor moving to a more popular leader than Julia or Abbott.

  4. Pavlov's Cat

    Thanks, Robert, v informative and useful. I remember beginning to negotiate the intertubes at Unimelb (we were given no choice, and also no training, natch), but I had no idea we were at the Cutting Edge.

  5. Liz

    I can remember going to live in Paris is 1992 and just being stunned by Minitel. I wanted know where I should go to pay utility bills and my landlady looked the info up on her computer! Voodoo!!

  6. sam

    Based on the video I have watched, I think you could make a reasonable interpretation that this is an in-joke. That is, Tony doesn’t believe Malcolm invented the internet in Australia, but he is making a joke at his expense and many people in the Liberal Party laugh at Malcolm over his claims of expertise on the subject.

  7. Moz in Oz

    It’s good to see that there are still politicians able to make novice mistakes when talking about the intertubes. I’m sure it was just a small mental slip, the sort that anyone could make.

    Robert, in NZ we were the beneficiaries of services provided by Simon Travaglia at Waikato University. His approach was… slightly different.

  8. David Irving (no relation)

    Tony Abbott should avoid further embarrassment by not opening his mouth ever again on anything related to telecommunications. He’s had years to get it right, and he still has no clue.

    There, I’ve fixed that for you.

  9. Ambigulous

    The Age online now has a story on this with a link to your post as its first link, Robert.

  10. Peter Murphy

    John Quiggin: Tony Abbott is aware of all Internet traditions.

  11. blah

    Not really sure what the big deal is about. “Invented the internet” is a meme these days. Do you people just exist in a bubble where everybody expresses themselves in a logically syllogistic manner? It is a mild piss take. Tech heads need to chill out some.

  12. Katz

    Didn’t B. A. Santamaria found the Internet with his NCC (Networked Catholics Collective)?

  13. drsusancalvin

    So, we now have Tones on the record with this piece of fiction.Does that make him a “liar”? Cos, for about 3 years now lying has sort of been an issue with a few people.

  14. Nate

    You’re forgetting Peter Tatum and Trumpet Winsock as well as Peter Lewis and Anarchie.

  15. philip travers

    You could include the C.S.I.R.O. a long time ago inventing a bloody computer,and I throw in my card,that the R.M.I.T. was on the ball too.Before 1991 having found myself researching JOJOBA BEANS for the Head of Drug and Alcohol Commission of Victoria. A Dr.M. as I was at the Brotherhood of St.Laurence at the time.Some fundraising for the Support Work Oppurtunity Programme included a vist to Melbourne Univ. As Universities are jealous organisation churning out endless dickheads in Australia.My bet is Melbourne found out even the connections of the Brotherhood were into researching industry possibilities that were the equivalent resources of the C.S.I.R.O. I was also stirring up interest in Genetech,a new Starter in gene research and thus the possibility of early testing for homosexual matters called AIDS. Feel trumped yet!

  16. Brian

    Rudd and Abbott are our most trusted leaders, but here’s the shocker – Abbott is “the nation’s most innovative thinker.”

    That’s got to be a joke, right? Otherwise we are down the crapper!

  17. joy Cooper

    Brian, guess it all depends on who McCreadle Research asked. Most of us know that stuck-in-the-50s Tony Abbott cannot even think without a script written by his advisers but there could be a protected pocket of people out there who don’t. Just goes to show how stupid & worthless much of this type of polling is.

  18. jules

    Tony Abbott’s a dickhead, but you don’t really think he was serious when he said that about Turnbull inventing the internet do you? Its just one of those hyperbolic exaggerations, pointing to the fact that Turnbull was able to see the future unfolding and act in a way that enabled it and made him a profit. Its like saying Dave Warner could hit 100 left or right handed, outbox Muhammad Ali as well and write good music about the ‘burbs on his off day.

    People aren’t gonna see this and come away thinking “Abbott is stupid” – they are gonna be reminded that Turnbull has the ability to see something and make it something so much more and turn a profit on the way. Much better to criticise Turnbull now for not showing the same sense of innovation with the NBN that he did when he invested in OZemail than bang on about Abbott lying when he wasn’t lying or (imo obviously) even trying to be serious.

  19. Mark

    Holy cow, [abuse redacted]. It was a joke for crying out loud. Everyone laughed. Abbott smiled as he said it. Unbelievable!!

    It does show one thing though. The Abbott haters are sooooo desperate to find him in error that they’ll misinterpret anything to achieve their aims. But sinking this low shows how very few errors he makes. I’ve often thought that, if Abbott said the sun rose at 6:50am the love media would announce that it actually rose at 6:51 and this proves he’s not fit to run the country.

  20. joy Cooper

    Methinks you are giving Tony Abbott too much intellectual credit, Jules. He is rather obtuse in many ways.

  21. Bolt1493

    Ribiculous post when Abbot is clearly slagging off Turnbill, making a joke at Turnbills expense

  22. hammy

    Now that Rudd’s back, Abbott is history. He won’t be leader for much longer. He’s grossly unpopular out there in the electorate. Turnbull will roll him soon after the next polls are published on Monday and Tuesday next, when the Government will have a clear 2PP lead.

    Don’t forget that the 2PP in Newspoll was 50:50 not very long ago.

    I don’t think Turnbull can beat Rudd however, but at least his popularity out there makes him competitive. However he can be a fool politically as demonstrated by Godwin Grech.

  23. James Wrangler

    It was a joke. [Perhaps you might like to read the comments policy before commenting again? ~ Mod]

  24. wantok

    Yes it was a joke, the same one he used when announcing the coalition’s NBN Lite; could Abbott be distancing himself from what is clearly a substandard network and one that will get a lot of exposure during the run up to the election ?

  25. Fran Barlow

    I’ve often thought that, if Abbott said the sun rose at 6:50am the love media would announce that it actually rose at 6:51 and this proves he’s not fit to run the country.

    This claim seems improbable, unless I’m radically overestimating your perspicacity, which, given that I’ve never seen a post from you, isn’t totally implausible.

    Mr Abbott has made a large number of grossly more foolish claims than you cite above. Nor is there in this country, as far as I can tell, ‘a love media’. There is a pack of yappy puppies who take their cues from Murdoch, who in turn is currently pressing for regime change to Abbott. Murdoch’s vote of confidence is probably worth at least 5% in primaries to the coalition.

    Yes there is no shortage of people who feel hatred towards Abbott and disgust that he seems on balance like to win the oncoming election by a handy margin. That’s not really based on gaffes he has made in public, but largely on the appetite to serve privilege that motivates people like Murdoch to support him. That he is also often egregious in public is simply the easiest thing to point towards.

  26. whyisitso

    Murdoch’s vote of confidence is probably worth at least 5% in primaries to the coalition.

    If that’s so, then the ABC and Fairfax’s barracking for Rudd probably adds at least 15% in primaries to the ALP.

  27. alfred venison

    the abc barracks for labor?

  28. joy Cooper

    That is what the right wingnuts like to believe, alfred. They obviously haven’t been reading The Drum or watching it, Lateline, QandA, 7.30 Report or ABC 24 News, have they?

  29. alfred venison

    thanks, Joy Cooper, you’re too right/correct. i wish there was an emoticon for facetious talkback. i haven’t watched any of those abc shows for years because of the clear and persistent bias against labor and the waffle from the sickeningly puffed up self -important presenters. really, if i need to the t.v. on i’d rather watch the block sky high or re-runs of dangerman. -a.v.

  30. joy Cooper

    Same here alfred. We are using our TV for watching the garbage that passes as content, less & less, even the “news”. There are other means for obtaining decent content which is why Murdoch doesn’t want the NBN to succeed. Even Malcolm knows this.

  31. alfred venison

    too true, again. so many alternate sources of bias are now available even without a fox subscription 😉 i’ve even found my way to a t.v. guide on-line, so the monday sydney morning herald is looking surplus to requirements, given that and i can print out a better crossword from the new york times on-line. the nbn is for sure the biggest threat to murdoch’s hegemony. on friday our isp unilaterally increased our monthly limit from 60 gigs to a hundred for the same price, so looks like we’ll be seeing more of the colbert rapport. -a.v.

  32. alfred venison

    btw, nitv – channel 34 in sydney – is broadcasting live with permission from the yothi yindi singer’s funeral ceremony now if anyone is interested. -a.v.

  33. alfred venison

    yothu yindi of course

  34. Dan

    Well said .. its just an example of the ignorant bogans who aspire to run this country after Sept 14 . Abbott and his crew are appalling .
    Mind you we geek types are to blame too.. we don’t do politics .