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25 responses to “An obviously overdue Whimsy post ;)”

  1. Fran Barlow

    Hmmmm … haste makes waste … ;-(

    If you want to play along in comments Fran’s rules are to change or add a phoneme of/to an existing word to make a new term incorporating the lexical content of the old word and with {as well as that of} the morph


    Better …

    [Mod~ huffily points out that from ‘change…’ onwards it is a cut and paste of your original comment :P]

  2. Ambigulous

    Hexting – sending a spell by SMS

    maths debating – discussing national educational priorities

    Zenophobia – fear of Oriental mysticism

    fistfully conservative – punching very rarely

    ad homomen – directed against gay males personally

    Rooty Hill – place name which must never have a phoneme added or altered

  3. Jess

    Thanks CHC – here’s my whimsy post crossposted: http://thesuitsofjamesbond.com/?paged=8

  4. Val

    Wow that’s amazing – James Bond is so wrong – and yet somehow this is so right …

  5. Ambigulous


    Pep Tide – a tsunami of artificial vim and vigour arriving at a televised sports comp. near you

    purse say – Latin phrase indicating the persuasive power of great wealth

  6. Charlie

    Duck’ncover – preparatory action for Abbot victory.

  7. zorronsky

    Thanks Ambi
    Strange bedfellows- Odd buggers.
    Jess, I would have thought the waist is the shortest circumference in the vicinity of the navel, pedantically speaking.

  8. desipis

    phonememe – a GIF used to convey a basic thought or emotion.

  9. Fran Barlow

    Mod~ huffily points out that from ‘change…’ onwards it is a cut and paste of your original comment

    It was my own haste I was condemning … 🙁

  10. Douglas Evans

    Xenophoria (n) A feeling of well-being engendered by the presence of people from other countries.

    Dysfactionality (n). The normal state of affairs inside a political party.

  11. Douglas Evans

    Fibulous (a). Utterly false.

    Hystoricism (n) The irrational belief that the past is extremely funny

    I could get into this.

  12. Paul Norton

    You must all vote in the poll at the end of this article.

  13. Val

    These are really good. I will certainly pay dysfactionality and hystoricism

  14. Ambigulous

    septicism – an attitude that everything’s gone down the toilet

    shampaign – an election spectacle of froth and bubble

    Castroenteritis – a disease of stagnation

    Pornucopia – the internet

  15. Tim Macknay

    Arseterity (n) – saving money on toilet paper by shitting at work.

  16. Fran Barlow


    Hystoricism (n) The irrational belief that the past is extremely funny


    2. The story of the contributions of women to modernity

    untimate when you’re too busy to give your partner a proper kiss and eye contact as you rush out the door in the hope of catching the 7.29 train.

  17. Tim Macknay

    I’m not sure if this qualifies, but:

    Toroid (n). A middle class, right-leaning member of the Labor Party.

  18. Moz of Yarramulla

    I love hexting and arseterity. Oh dear.

    For Paul:
    catastrophe: the act of introducing domestic cats to a new area.
    pawsterity: when there’s nothing left to kill

    moregasm: that last, almost painful one in a series.

    interphoning: when the person next to you has the volume so loud on their phone that you can hear both sides of the conversation.

    xenosocial: preferring to socialise with people who aren’t just like you.

    moronist: someone too stupid to realise they’re not fit to operate a motor vehicle.

  19. Ambigulous

    Resource Super-Profits Tax – “from each, according to his mines”

  20. Douglas Evans

    I’ve really enjoyed this. Lifted my spirits.
    In the last little while I’ve spent an inordinate amount of time debating ignoranuses well hidden under a thick bozone layer. From where I stand I supect them of toroid dysfactionality. From their point of view of course I am a reintarnated fibulator guilty of unwarranted septicism and quite possibly a big league moronist.

  21. Fran Barlow

    Not sure if this fits into “whimsy” but I’m posting this without comment:

    The Poetry of Tony Abbott

    I found it hilarious.

  22. Fran Barlow

    apostrophree a character that can be inserted randomly near the ends of morphemes to indicate anything you want …

  23. Terangeree

    After nearly 20 years, I’ve finally managed to get another chance to see an episode of The Bear’s Island

  24. Ambigulous

    nuispaper (n) – a publication with nuisance value

  25. Su

    I’m putting this animation by Michael Dudok de Wit here because it is, yes, whimsical, but mostly because it’s sad and I shouldn’t have to suffer alone. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=7TNFysecmq0&desktop_uri=%2Fwatch%3Fv%3D7TNFysecmq0