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23 responses to “Saturday Salon”

  1. Joe

    Can anyone help me with some verse/doggerel from the IWW (?) to the effect that “the boss doesn’t care how much you earn, as long as you earn more for him”, etc?

  2. paul burns

    Had to log in via Facebook because that WordPress thing is down if you log in via Google. I don’t suppose someone can fix it.

  3. alfred venison

    something like: “The boss needs you, you don’t need him” (assuming of course the boss is not a woman) ? -a.v.

  4. Graham Bell

    [email protected]:
    Ta. The slogan Poasterchild used was not strictly true, of course …. but I like it!

  5. alfred venison

    you don’t mean “labor is entitled to all it produces“, do you? -a.v.

  6. alfred venison

    the other was on walls in paris in 1968. in french it is: “le patron a besoin de toi, tu n’as pas besoin de lui.” (scroll to the bottom of the page to see the provenance of these graffiti). -a.v.

  7. Graham Bell

    [email protected]: It was the “all” instead of “its just share”. Surely bosses are entitled to eke out a living by organizing the production and distribution and sale of the produce, aren’t they?

  8. alfred venison

    the boss who is not sharing in productive work is the only factor not germane to the equation. all that’s strictly needed is a workers’ committee for organisation and a workers’ committee for distribution/sale and workers’ committee for representation at the federated autonomous workers’ syndicates annual conference. one big union. investors are different. -a.v.

  9. philip travers

    Bastard Labor. Allowing the populace to avoid how disgusting they are as individuals and as a Party ,in that Assad is guilty,because they want to think he is in Syria of poisoning his own people and there are no other alternatives,like Israel with previous weapons dropped.And the round figure of a million children is now fact in Carr’s head. And not one of those kids could ever have been and still supporters of Assad .In circumstances they haven’t contrived.The CIA are already operating from within Israeli territory.May these disgusting immoral shonks for the sake of being aligned with the ever malevolent U.S.A. Gov .be shafted out of public life .Dare the American Presidential idiot face up to responsibility and give the facts,he assumes as real evidence.Or go down in history like he already has as a disgusting leech on the living to count something about himself.

  10. Katz

    John Howard is naturally instinctively remarkable.

    Not really, but these are the three most overused words in his autobiography, “Lazarus Rising”.

    Howard has thoughtfully provided his tome in talking book form. Self-read! His stultiloquent, methodist suburban lawyer tone and vocabulary speed my daily constitutional.

    As a text it would be unreadable, but I have never been fitter.

    Thanks Rattie!

  11. GregM

    Katz is Mark Latham’s opus A Conga Line of Suckholes MUP 2006 available as a talking book?

    That would raise your fitness level even higher.

  12. Katz

    Is Latham’s opus WADA-approved, GregM?

  13. Graham Bell

    Katz @ 10:
    I used to think that Howard was Australia’s third worst PM, behind Menzies and Hawke, for his failing to act when he should have acted and for jumping in boots-and-all (and without forethought) when he should have restrained himself. Howard’s reign was an era of missed opportunities for Australia.

    Now, reflecting on the worsening costs of all those lost opportunities, I have promoted Howard to Australia’s Worst PM.

  14. faustusnotes

    Graham Bell, I think you’re going to have to reassess that in a few weeks’ time if Rudd loses, and then a year later once Abbott’s had time to really wreck the joint.

  15. jules

    Yeah, the little rodent will be back to third if Abbott wins.

  16. Graham Bell

    faustusnotes @ 14:
    Rudd would have to do something spectacularly destructive in the next few days to get ahead of the field: he is running neck-and-neck with Gorton and Gillard at the moment but the three of them are hemmed in by Barton, Fraser and Keating who are several lengths behind Bruce and McMahon.

    Abbott, as PM, will last about as long as did Fadden before his masters retire him to stud. Hate to think who the PM will be once poor Abbott gets the swift heave-ho; nobody will be game to look under the saddle or question the jockey or do any swabs that will be tested or check out the horse’s connections..

  17. faustusnotes

    Graham, think about it: 6 weeks as PM, manages to drag the ALP to the right of Genghis Khan, drives off a whole generation of talented front benchers, and then loses in a landslide. Then (oh please god, oh!) loses his own seat …

    that surely counts for something.

    And Abbott for just one year has time enough to do enormous damage. He could easily kick Howard down the list!

  18. jules

    Was little Temmu really a right winger tho?

    Isn’t saying “to the right of GK” a bit like saying “Taller than the world is round”.

  19. Graham Bell

    faustusnotes @ 17: The loss of real talent from the ALP affects the whole country. Still, nothing can ever match the stifling of talent that happened when Menzies was boss-cocky.

    Jules @ 18: “to the Right of Genghis Khan” is just an old Aussie saying – and like a lot of sayings and proverbs, isn’t really based on truth. Temujin was definitely a pragmatist but he couldn’t really be fitted into a Left-Right paradigm.

  20. paul burns

    Ozblogistan is still broken if you try to get on to LP via Google. Four days now (I think). Very efficient.

  21. Helen

    GB, where is the evidence to put Gillard among the mediocrities you cite in the “Worst PMs list”. According to the actual evidence I’ve read she skilfully negotiated a hung parliament, which passed a great deal of useful legislation. (Some not so useful – single mums anyone? – but a great deal better than we got under Kevin07.) She received glowing praise from the two relatively intelligent independents Windsor and Oakeshott for her parliamentary performance and from her staff for her decency and negotiation skills. AT THE SAME TIME… as fending off daily personal, horrible, obscene attacks from the press, opinionistas and nutty interest groups.

    I suppose if I point out that she also lacked the tail wind of male privilege that helped get the Bartons and Gortons and Mcmahons into the top job, I’ll be accused of ruining the internet with my feminism again. Oh well, everything will go to shit after Saturday, so what the heck.

    I suppose if

  22. Graham Bell

    Helen @ 21:

    Oh well, everything will go to shit after Saturday, so what the heck.

    Of course it will – but I’m planning furiously how to survive the return of the born-to-rule losers and the onslaught of another era of their lost opportunities. Don’t know about you but I intend to eat as well as I can and to stay reasonably warm and dry whilst they’re in power – which may be for a longer time than most of us imagine. Never forget that Menzies (recycled) was expected to remain in power or only one or two terms.

    Julia Gillard was all of those things which you say of her …. and more. She was never aloof. She was well-liked in her own electorate too. Her partner was the exemplary First Bloke, Tim. She had vision. However, she had one very serious flaw that impaired her Prime Ministership and brought about her downfall: she failed to adapt to change. Being a skilled, no-holds-barred lawyer got her into Parliament and into the top job. However, once there, she remained a skilled, no-holds-barred lawyer …. and all through her term, she allowed both sides of the political fence to treat her as such; she rose to the bait every time and in so doing, squandered her time, her effort and her opportunities. Being Prime Minister is not the same thing as being the top lawyer or being the toughest brawler in the House of Ruffians; it means standing above all that garbage and concentrating on running a government and an economy. She didn’t change. Pity. And even more of a pity is that her talents are now lost to public life – let’s hope her stay in the university post is only temporary.

    That is why I didn’t put Julia Gillard further back in the field with Curtin and Whitlam.

    If it’s any consolation to you – I expect to put Abbott’s short PMship up there with that of Billy Big-ears, well ahead of Bruce, who, at least, in doing next to nothing didn’t do as much harm as did Menzies. Talented as Abbott is in some ways, I don’t expect him to be able to change from remaining, in effect, a promoted Opposition Leader if he does become Prime Minister (I’m still hoping for sanity or a miracle to prevail). Abbott’s term will be short because once he has been a good little boy, delivered the savage cuts his masters desired and in so doing roused the hatred of everyone, except the Nomenklatura, his masters will ditch him and replace him with someone worse.

    Grim days ahead, I’m afraid.

  23. jungney

    That’s a good strategy, GB, eating well and staying warm. I’ve planted emergency zucchinis, cucumbers and tomatoes today.