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44 responses to “44/28 Watch: Week 1”

  1. Nick

    Outlawing boycotts by environmental groups? Epic trollery.

  2. Brian

    The UNFCCC Conference of Parties is scheduled to take place in Warsaw in November. This is a 2-week annual climate change bash. During the second week the ministers usually attend. In the case of Copenhagen in 2009 the heads of government attended for the last three days in an attempt to seal an agreement.

    The news is the Julie Bishop is taking over responsibility for international climate change negotiations. Greg Hunt’s portfolio is domestic.

    I guess a similar division of duties existed in the initial Rudd government between Penny Wong and Peter Garrett where after the 2007 election Wong went straight off to Bali to joint-chair a session of the 2007 talks.

  3. paul burns

    Whatever strange thing is going on with the NBN. The report I saw was in the Oz, and replete with Murdoch propaganda so I’m not going to link with it.

  4. Jess

    paul, here’s a nice safe Guardian version: http://www.theguardian.com/technology/2013/sep/23/nbn-co-board-resigns

  5. paul burns

    Thanks, Jess.

  6. wilful

    I realise I shouldn’t have had such high expectations, but I am genuinely shocked at just how bad they are in relation to climate policy, and how this has turbocharged the local denialosphere. We are quickly going from a pissant figleaf of a Direct Action inadequate policy towards an actively anti-science policy. It is making me more cross than I thought it would. I do keep telling myself that it doesn’t really matter, in the scheme of things Australia’s emissions are small change, but it pisses me off that not only are my children going to face a hostile climate, but all of the innovation and new industries are going to be overseas.

  7. paul burns
  8. paul burns

    wilful @ 6,

    all of the innovation and new industries are going to be overseas.

    This thought has also occurred to me. I don’t suppose e-mailing McFarlene and pointing out that this pre-Galileoan attitude to climate science and renewable energy in particular could cost us lots of MONEY and BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES. That might get them thinking they might be wrong.
    (I’m not sure what italicised caps mean. Satirical shouting?)

  9. paul burns

    From the ABC:

    A former Christmas Island administrator, Brian Lacy, meantime has labelled the decision to provide weekly updates on asylum seeker arrivals as “puerile”.

    Mr Lacy says withholding information does not make any impact on the actions of those seeking asylum.

    “There’s simply no measure of deterrents that we could introduce that will stop these people fleeing the persecution and the brutality of their homeland and braving the elements for a better life in Australia or anywhere else for that matter,” he said.

  10. Katz

    Puerile could become the watchword for 44/28.

  11. drsusancalvin
  12. paul burns

    Another piece of filth.

    This is very clever. If we don’t know when the boats have been turned round, we also presumably will not be told when the Indonesians send them back, when they’re sunk, how many casualties, etc, etc. Do Morrison and Abbott actually envisage committing crimes against humanity? Why else the secrecy? We’re not planning to invade Indonesia, are we?

    War-time censorship for operational reasons is acceptable in time of war, and I doubt very few people would quibble with that, unless that secrecy was covering up a war crime. we are not at war.

    Like Pinochet Abbott said in 1972, “We’re open for business.”

  13. Patrickb

    They’re busy having a look at what needs to be done to make the secondary boycott provisions of the TPA more amenable to stifling consumer boycotts. This was reported without outrage by that bastion of free speech, The Australian.
    This is the truly worrying stuff, a bit like the anti-terror and sedition affronts under JWH. It appears that large corporations need to be protected from us, and the government is sympathetic to this view. I think it’s rapidly becoming clear who Tony Abbott’s governing for.

  14. Brian of Buderim

    The thing that most annoys me is Scott Morrison continuing to label refugees and asylum-seekers as “illegals” when they have broken no law. This is typical conservative manipulation of public opinion by the clever choice of words to mislead.
    1095 – 16 = 1079 days to the next election.

  15. paul burns

    Just finished watching John Bertram on The Drum. The ABC are doing their bit, keeping sport on the front pages, this time with a Liberal Party clone who spent most of his “sport” interview bagging Labor and praising the Abbott government.
    Outrageously disgusting.

  16. Tim Macknay

    drsusancalvin @11, Craig Emerson’s suggestion that the “woman” must be Gina Reinhart would be very funny if it wasn’t probably true.

  17. Nickws

    Brian @ 2

    I guess a similar division of duties existed in the initial Rudd government between Penny Wong and Peter Garrett where after the 2007 election Wong went straight off to Bali to joint-chair a session of the 2007 talks.

    Wasn’t the underlying dynamic to that a negotiator-competency-gap between Wong and Garrett? Anyway, my first guess is that’s not what’s happening with this new arrangement.

    IMO Abbott doesn’t trust Hunt not to badmouth him in any off-the-record encounters with sympathetic cap`n’trader Eurocons.

  18. Malcolm

    I notice that the Administrator of the Australian Indian Ocean Territories, Jon Stanhope, is threatening to quit if the Abbott government tries to gag Christmas Island residents from reporting on boat arrivals and the like (Christmas Island, of course, falls under his jurisdiction as part of his responsibilities)

    I have no doubt that this is an admirable and well-meaning gesture from Mr Stanhope -and incidentally I am in full agreement with him on it -but I can’t help thinking it is slightly self-defeating in principle. Stanhope is a former ACT Labor Chief Minister and, if he goes, it would probably be wholeheartedly welcomed by the Abbott government because they can then install their own sop to the position who will be more than happy to comply with all the new rules and regulations they are putting in place to stifle accountability and intimidate the local residents into complicity

    Or perhaps Stanhope knows he may be going the same way as those Department Heads and Tim Flanney from last week, anyway, and wants to make sure he goes out with a bang -drawing attention to the ethical deficiencies of the new government and its immigration policies as much as he can in the hope that it may provide some fodder for greater scrutiny from the opposition and media in the months to come

  19. desipis

    Apparently there’s at least one thing Abbott forgot about for his first week.

  20. paul burns

    I only just got active on Twitter today to follow the Xmas Is. stuff.
    If I’d had the experience @ 19 from some dimwitted journo from the Rupert stable I think I’d be tearing my hair out. Extraordinary. They really don’t like the Abbott lies exposed, do they?

  21. drsusancalvin

    @19 I had a similar exchange with Maiden a couple of years ago when I corrected her on line story. In a series of bizarre emails she (1) categorically denied her error (2) conceded but blamed her unchecked source (3)attacked me for raising it in the first place (4) accused me of being an associate playing a prank on her. Apparently real people don’t contact journalists and correct their work. She is lazy, dull and nasty, but that’s just my first impression.

  22. Ronson Dalby

    I may be wrong in thinking this but I’m surprised Lieutenant-General Angus Campbell is allowing himself to be used in such a political fashion.

    On The Drum last night, Kroger kept repeating the LNP mantra of $90Billion for Labor’s NBN which is a figure the LNP pulled out of their bums and has been repeated so often it’s now ‘fact’.

  23. Terry2

    I’ve just heard Amanda Vanstone vigorously supporting the coalition’s policy of withholding information on boat arrivals/turnbacks etc.

    As a private individual and former Howard Government Minister her views are fine and she is entitled to make them known. But as an employee of the ABC surely there is a protocol governing the amount of political spruiking an ABC employee can indulge in.

    Incidentally, interesting how all of a sudden the irrepressible and often egregious Scott Morrison has become a shrinking violet when it comes to commentary on boat arrivals now in office.

  24. Katz

    Captain Mainwaring’s Scott Morrison’s crisis will arrive when his turn back orders directly contravene their obligation under international law to perform rescues.

    I am confident that RAN Officers will act on the latter.

    Prepare to chow down on a large serving of crow, Scott.

  25. Snorky

    You’re certainly not wrong Ronson @ 22. The good general has taken his thirty pieces of silver and is now learning the price he’ll be paying. Now it becomes clear why the CDF and other senior officers were so unenthusiastic about the whole idea when it was first announced.

  26. Su

    There hasn’t been any announcement since the election as far as I can see, but one of Abbott’s promises, announced 26/8, was to suspend and review all recently registered marine reserves. The Coral Sea marine reserve is consequently at risk. Protect Our Coral Sea has a web page, and they are on social media. Irresistible subhead: You bet your wrasse we can.

  27. paul burns
  28. Ronson Dalby

    I know I shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover but why do I get the feeling Morrison’s docile well-trained pet Lt General is another fundie happy-clapper like Morrison?

  29. Liz

    The latest Essential poll is out post-election. LNP leads 51(-2)/49(+2). So, this isn’t a popular government, just one week after being voted in. Where’s the honeymoon?

  30. Katz

    Campbell may or may not be a happy clapper. He is certainly political and had been associated for a long time with conservative administrations.

    He [Campbell] left the army to become deputy national security adviser in the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet under the Howard government and was later brought back into the army and promoted to command Australian troops in the Middle East.


  31. Moz of Yarramulla

    paul [email protected]: I love the comparison to the Vic wind farm buffer. If the governments were consistent they’d have to evaluate both using McFarlane’s preferred scientific, evidence-based process and decide what to do. I’m guessing I won’t have any takers for a bet on that happening.

  32. Helen

    On The Drum last night, Kroger kept repeating the LNP mantra of $90Billion for Labor’s NBN which is a figure the LNP pulled out of their bums and has been repeated so often it’s now ‘fact’.

    I have heard a couple of times now that the main LNP criticism is that the NBN project “blew out” in time and $. Well, blow me down, no private project has ever done that, eh? said no project manager ever.

    I also heard news reports that asbestos had been found during the NBN rollout in NSW and that the project had had to take account of that in terms of delay and extra spending to mitigate that. It seems to me that the LNP is saying that bringing a project in on time / on budget is worth more than lives and that under a Lib government it’d just have been full steam ahead asbestos or no asbestos, because, you know, deadlines.

    After all, the cancers wouldn’t develop until a decade or so later and a LNP government always has deep pockets for litigation.

  33. paul burns

    Pyne’s plans for the university sector.


    According to the Coalition the article is a beat up. Well. its good to see someone in the MSM is beating up on them.

  34. paul burns

    From the Business Spectator

    During the election, and to this day, Turnbull has managed to get away with saying that businesses or homes need fibre to the premises, and would pay up to $5,000 to get their own line from the ‘node’ on their street corner.

    However, that figure was based on a BT offering to do the same in the UK. An approximate purchasing power parity analysis I did at the the time – which took into account the high Australian dollar and the lower labour costs in the UK – showed the real cost was likely to be up to $9,600 (A political deathmatch using fibre and copper, April 9).

    Australians who want fibre in future will either pay a lot more for it than they expect, or the taxpayer will pay well over the odds to help them do it.

  35. paul burns
  36. desipis

    Re university changes:

    In a media release in August 2012, in response to policy speculation, Mr Pyne said the Coalition strongly supported the uncapping of university places.

    In an interview with the ABC’s 7.30 in July [2013], Mr Pyne said the Coalition had “no plans to restore the cap”.

    Education Minister Christopher Pyne is planning an overhaul of the higher education system, including the reintroduction of caps on university places.

    It seems like a case of the coalition lying about policy. I wonder if the the media will follow this up as much as they followed Gillard’s “lie” about the carbon tax.

  37. desipis

    Although, now that link has been updated and he’s claiming he’s not planning a reintroduction, just a review of the removal of the caps.

  38. Ronson Dalby

    Good to see Politifacts still doing their job.

    ” “Emissions go up, not down, under the carbon tax.” – Greg Hunt on Monday, September 23, 2013 in an interview on the ABC’s Lateline program.


    It’s only the second week of the LNP government and they’re not coming across as particularly honest about anything.

    Essential 2PP 23/9/13
    LNP 51 (-2)
    Labor 49 (+2)

    Morgan has it 50.5 LNP 49.5 ALP 2PP

  39. Ronson Dalby

    So the NBN may not be in as bad a shape as the LNP has been telling us for years (did anyone see the easy time Turnbull got on The 7.30 Report last night?):


    Let’s hope that if Turnbull’s survey of the NBN shows the ALP’s plan to be best one he will do the right thing and keep it going.

  40. Ronson Dalby
  41. Ronson Dalby

    Pressed enter to fast.

    I really can’t see the alpha males in the LNP shutting up. I think Abbott and his office will have their hands full keeping a lid on the MPs especially Turnbull.

  42. paul burns
  43. tigtog

    Paul, it’s probably time for a new 44/28 Watch thread, actually. Now that he’s actually started to come out in public again. I’ll put one up and you can repost this comment there?

  44. paul burns