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57 responses to “Abbott’s Horror Movie”

  1. jules

    The Coalition will repeal section 18C in its current form. Any prohibitions on inciting hatred against or intimidation of particular racial groups should be akin to the ancient common law offences of incitement and causing fear.

    From here.

  2. Ambigulous

    Budget emergency/Stop the Boats/Put the adults back in charge/Fibre to the General Store/Great Big New Tax ….
    but not to worry, nothing’s urgent, no need for Parliament to sit for a fair while yet…

    Nothing to see here, move on please.

  3. Graham Bell

    Ambigulous @ 2: Excellent, accurate summary.

  4. wpd

    When a ‘promise’ is not a ‘promise’. And he signed the letter.

    “I am absolutely disgusted to learn that the project will now receive just $130 million during the next four years.

    “That’s a $570 million shortfall of what was originally pledged and more than $1.4 billion short of what the entire project will cost


  5. Iain Hall

    Resistance is now entirely futile 😉

  6. Chris

    Wpd @ 4 – time for the ALP to start up the liar theme with Abbott. As the LNP demonstrated with Gillard it can be very effective over time. They just need to find a catchy nickname for him

  7. jules

    Are you being ironic Iain?

  8. Johno

    What a truly glorious day. No more kevi. No more Juliar and no more Labor. Does it get any better?

  9. Sam Bauers

    They just need to find a catchy nickname for him.

    Wasn’t “Tony Baloney” used as an Abbott nickname by Labor in the past.

  10. Sam Bauers

    What a truly glorious day. No more kevi. No more Juliar and no more Labor. Does it get any better?

    No more Tony and the Coalition as well would be even betterer.

  11. wpd

    Johno, I would like to have a battle of wits but not with an unarmed opponent. Get a life.

  12. zoot

    Phony Tony??

  13. Tim Macknay

    I guess “the Mad Monk” is a bit too sectarian. But at least The Australian can go back to being the government Gazette.

  14. jules

    “Tony baloney” – as in “its just more Tony baloney” when describing his bullshit?

    I can’t say thats familiar but it could work.

    Phony tony – I don’t understand why they never hammered that when Abbott said – “all that is in the past” I’m a new man.

    They could have called it his “real julia moment” too but that may have been a bit counter productive. Tho if Gillard had said that and had a bit of a laugh at herself and her 2010 stuff up earlier this year when Abbott started on his “i’m a new man” bullshit it might have actually done her some good.

    “Tony’s had a bit of a “Real Julia” moment there. You’d think he’d have learned from my mistake back in 2010.”

    Could that have worked for her?

  15. Brian

    wpd @ 4, just to highlight the full import of that link.

    $700 million promised for the Toowoomba bypas – $130m to be delivered.

    $300 million promised for the Melbourne-Brisbane railway to match Labor – $180m to be delivered.

    $500 million promised towards Warrego Highway upgrades – $200m to be delivered.

    “Delivered” means included in the Fiscal Budget Impact of Federal Coalition Policies document. It doesn’t mean what will actually be spent. Also $2.5 billion was to be cut from the Regional Infrastructure Fund.

    That came out the day before the election, followed by arse-covering but no more money.

  16. Brian

    I’ve been meaning to comment on Abbott and Hockey’s claim that they will do $6 billion better than Labor in getting the budget back to surplus. That’s over the four-year fiscal period.

    While it sounds a lot, that’s an average of $1.5 billion pa when government receipts will average about $400 billion pa. That’s 0.375%.

    To put that in a domestic context, during the superannuation kerfuffle we were told that a couple could lead a life of reasonable comfort on $50,000 pa. So 0.375% of that is $187.50.

    It’s a while since I’ve been through the golden arches but in universal currency that would be about one big Mac every week.

  17. alfred venison

    i’ll give you abbott’s horror movie: john howard for governor general ! -a.v.

  18. Brian

    OTOH he might appoint Julia Gillard as ambassador for the UN to get up Kev’s nose.

  19. paul burns

    Yep. Howard for Governor-General sounds like a good opening scene.

  20. Katz

    George Pell, Australian of the Year.

  21. GregM

    Bronwyn Bishop, Speaker of the House.

    Who says Tony Abbott doesn’t have a sense of humour?

  22. zorronsky

    What gives me the ‘brace ‘n’ bits’ more than anything else is that the Labor Opposition in parliament will behave, as they always do, with good grace and with due respect for the forum while the Abbottoir will constantly refer to the unworkable Government of the last 6 years.

  23. Nick

    “Also $2.5 billion was to be cut from the Regional Infrastructure Fund.”

    Regional Australia’s maddeningly self-destructive support for the Nationals pays dividends yet again.

  24. mila

    $45ml to be taken from Aboriginal Legal funding.

  25. paul burns

    Apart from the small pleasure I got in breaching Rupert’s paywall, this is horrifying. We are being run by a pack of ignoramuses who are dead from the neck up. Why don’t they just burn down the universities and be done with it?


  26. jules

    Here’s the link to what mila mentioned above:

    Coalition signals 20 per cent funding cut to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Legal Services

    How’s Warren Mundine feel about that?

  27. paul burns

    Warrine Mundine is very unhappy and said so before the election.

  28. jules

    Its not Abbott but its his Qld clone Newman.


    Some of this bill is insane and follows on with the drug analogue bill last year that technically made chocolate, beer and other common things illegal.

    Its not Abbott but is it an example of the sort of police state bullshit an Abbott govt would indulge in?

  29. jules

    Did he Paul?

    If so I hope he makes some real fuss about it. The ALS is a fairly useful organisation.

  30. Ronson Dalby

    Thanks to the thread title, I will spend the rest of the day and part of the night with this running constantly through my head:


  31. Ootz

    Nick Paine, a 20-year-old Liberal-voting Queensland business student, is collecting signatures in a petition on change.org to scrap Coalition’s National Broadband Network plan and to continue rolling out a $44.1 billion fibre-to-the-premises network.

    This petition is designed to highlight Australia’s desire for a superior ‘Fibre to the Home’ (FTTH) broadband solution, rather than the Coalition’s proposed ‘Fibre to the Node’ (FTTN) solution.

  32. Ronson Dalby

    The correct term is Fibre to the Premises (FTTP). I think the use of FTTH was ammunition for the LNP because people immediately thought ‘download movies and pr0n quicker’.

  33. paul burns


    In response to which the Abbott Government more or less says, “Go jump!’.
    [And that’s being polite.]

  34. Helen

    Aargh! Labor MPs have started questioning opposition to Abbott’s policy of repealing a carbon price/ETS (that’s about a quadruple negative but you get the drift)
    Nick Champion: “It doesn’t look good, us agreeing with the Greens.”
    No matter what the, you know, SCIENCE says. What a maroon.
    If the Greens say it’s best to look both ways crossing a road would he walk out with his eyes shut?
    No words.
    Really, they deserved to lose with an attitude like that.

  35. mct

    the Labor Opposition in parliament will behave, as they always do, with good grace and with due respect

    Truly, this is either delusional or comedy gold.

  36. Katz

    Gins Rinehart, Poet Laureate.

  37. Katz

    Errm … GINA

  38. Paul Norton

    Nick Champion… became a union official at the Shop, Distributive and Allied Employees Association in 1994… He is aligned with the Labor Right.”

  39. Katz
  40. Ootz

    Thanks Katz for providing another pixel to the emerging picture. On other threads there are or were debates on whether Tony Abbott is a changed man. Most miss the point, it is not Tony that has changed, it is the Liberal party which has changed, in contrast to the ‘the chaos’ ensuing the Labor organisation. The direction they are taking is really the scary part, not really Abbott himself. To me the enforced steely control and discipline the Liberal party has embraced is corporatism as in

    Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power.

    attributed to Benito Mussolini

    In the end it all depends now how long they can string along the msm. Because even if ‘promises have to be broken’ or ‘drastic measures’ have to be taken, it can all be blamed too easily on the previous ‘chaotic’ administration. Interesting this morning, as reported on RN brekkie, headlines in limited News on front pages were praising Abbott’s Midas touch for the hike on Australian markets. Where as AFR attributed the the global jump in the markets to China.

  41. Pappinbarra Fox

    There is a National Party in this coalition isn’t there? And they are supposed to represent the country – rural regional and remote areas aren’t they?

    So why the hell aren’t they kicking up a real fuss about: $2.5 billion was to be cut from the Regional Infrastructure Fund?

    Where the hell are you Barnyardaby? No backbone? Not really country just a poor accountant?

  42. David Irving (no relation)

    Ootz, one of my sons has already asked when Abbott will get the trains to run on time.

  43. Ootz

    Pappinbarra Fox, the same can be said with the ‘new’ LNP in Queensland, where they are not just neglecting us but have done us over repeatedly here in the regions. They get away with it by simply blaming Labor, Red Tape, Green Tape and Greenies in general and get away with it. In my electorate, even Katter coped an almost lethal whack into the neck by massive advertising linking him to all of the above. It appears like people are still drinking the cool aid despite real pressing issues and genuine hardships experienced in our rural community, which for all his mannerism and ‘unorthodox’ approach Bob genuinely attends to. With a little bit of luck we may yet escape the long arm of ‘liberal corporatism’ (as opposed to Labors unionism, I suppose), for if anyone knows how to stand up to bullies it is Katter.

    David, get with the program. The trains are not on time because of … Labor, Red Tape, Green Tape and Greenies in general and should be sold anyway to private enterprise. Just like the prisons in our State, which is one of the biggest and fastest growing industry in our district.

  44. Katz

    Thanks for Miranda’s fangirl paean to Brian Loughnane, Ootz. I guess Tories have a special soft spot for paramilitary operations.

    But, in fact, if you peruse the sad tale of candidate Nguyen above, it becomes plain that the Liberal Party is more like Amway than MI6.

    Poor Mr Nguyen sunk hundreds of thousands of dollars into the Liberal Pyramid Scheme. He was treated like dirt. The Lib spivs who did him down have disappeared into the night.

    And all Mr Nguyen has to show for it is a huge debt and cartons of dodgy homecare products gathering dust under his foreclosed house.

  45. David Irving (no relation)

    Sorry, Ootz, that was a bit oblique. Apparently Musolini claimed to have got the trains to run on time.

  46. Ootz

    Katz, I found that link some where on Andrew Elders blog, it is by no mean the worst “fan(person) paean”. For truly sick stuff go to the ABC where Terry Barnes exposes the “full Tony”.

    However that was not my point, while we are still living in one of the most comfortable societies on this planet the liberal Amway spivs are perhaps a parody. Although politically it is a very effective one and since people who have been burned by a scam rarely make a racket about it, there is little chance of major repercussions. If ever, dog forbid, we will encounter a real rough patch, people will move even more to the right and the assurance of ‘power’ and ‘control’. This would enable a real chance for this unholy alliance with the corporates, media magnates, ruthless political megalomaniacs et al and the liberal blue shirts will take on another dimension. I grew up with my German neighbours contemplating of what went wrong and have experienced myself quick escalating ‘political enforcements’ around the traps. If it is still ok for the right to look for communists under the bed, we should be entitled to be wary of fascism, in what ever colour, shape or form it comes.

  47. Ootz

    No worries David, it may have been the Germans handy work anyway, particularly after the Allied landed.

    Our teacher gave us angry accounts of the regular traffic of German trains composed entirely of sealed ‘cattle wagons’ carrying goods labelled “Kitchenware” on their way to Italy and carrying humans on the way back to Germany. No one was openly talking about that for decades later or why the Allies ‘mistakenly’ bombed major railway junctions in neutral Switzerland. Similar to how no one is prepared to discuss how Australia got ‘settled’, as well as siev x, wheat for arms bribes and similar incidents are going to be a difficult issue for future Australian generations.

  48. jules

    Ootz i’m glad you put that Mussolini quote up. Its nice to hear from like minds.

    it reminds me of another one:

    “When fascism comes to America, it will come wrapped in the flag and waving a cross.’

    Attributed (maybe wrongly) to Sinclair Lewis or Huey long.

    Lewis allegedly wrote this too (native American liberty meant something entirely different in the 30s):

    But he saw too that in America the struggle was befogged by the fact that the worst Fascists were they who disowned the word ‘Fascism’ and preached enslavement to Capitalism under the style of Constitutional and Traditional Native American Liberty.

    I know this is Australia and it can’t happen here, but that last quote reminds me of modern QAustralia and something that passed thru my wifes facebook feed last night. Something to the effect of “The last generation had a pledge of allegience to the flag and the government it represents and I don’t care who i offend with this blah blah blah the Aussie flag blah blah blah bullshit bullshit bullshit.”

    Naturally she said to go back to America.

    I think there is a trend developing here and I don’t particularly like it.

  49. Paul Norton

    My favourite American quote from that period is this:

    This American system of ours, call it Americanism, call it capitalism, call it what you will, gives each and every one of us a great opportunity if we only seize it with both hands and make the most of it.

    The author – Al Capone.

  50. Brian

    Climate sceptic MP Dennis Jensen wants to be science minister.

  51. David Irving (no relation)

    That sounds fair, Brian – he is, after all, a Rocket Scientist.

  52. Terry

    Great article in the AFR about the roots of the LNP’s problems with Clive Palmer. The name “Santo Santoro” features very prominently.

  53. Katz

    Abbott’s bellicose and insulting references to Indonesia in his impossible election promises regarding refugees are simply elaborations of the racism of Tories. In their world view, Asians do not need to be engaged with as equals and their interests merit no respect.

    This Tory attitude has a long pedigree. Remember in 1965 when Menzies decided to send Australian troops to South Vietnam to stroke US geopolitical pretensions, Menzies NEGLECTED TO INFORM the government of South Vietnam that he proposed to save them.

    Plus ça change…

  54. Terangeree

    Thanks for that article link, Terry @ 52.

    It makes the Bjelke-Petersen era in Queensland look quite benign and honorable in comparison. 🙁

  55. paul burns

    It did happen here during the 1930s to some extent with paramilitaries like the New Guard. And these so-called secret armies persisted into the 50s. read Michael Cathcart’s Defending the National Tuckshop. Its a real eye-opener.
    And, except for the common-sense of the Australian people, who refused to ban the Communist Party of Australia, despite the majority of voters fearing and/or despising Communism, we would have had an Australian brand of McCarthyism here in the 1950s.
    Just because we’ve had some near misses doesn’t mean we couldn’t make the same mistake again.

  56. paul burns

    Correction @ 55: Just because we’ve had some near-misses doesn’t mean it couldn’t happen in the future.

  57. Brian

    Abbott intends to abandon $1.5 billion of union-linked wage increases for up to 350,000 workers in aged and child care, challenging one of the union movement’s strongholds.