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22 responses to “Lazy Sunday”

  1. jungney

    Goodoh then, frist.

    Yesterday’s fires and hot wind have abated. The dogs we were sitting, one great dane bull mastiff cross with a head the size of a basketball and one retired greyhound, have returned to their owner which means that today it is time to let out the inner hillbilly/dada spirit and commence construction on the chook house. When I say commence construction, I mean design/construct in one free flowing, inspired moment, without plans or clear intentions.

  2. tigtog

    Off out to lunch with some scary feminist bloggers. Anyone feeling nervous about such a congregation should avoid Surry Hills for the next few hours.

  3. paul burns

    What? Ya gunna burn the place down, tigtog? 🙂

    More to the point have spent the past few days going on a DVD jag or whatever you call it nowadays. Watched the entire first season of Ripper Street. (Never saw it interrupted by commercials and it was a good historical detective series.)
    Then watched the first series of Revolution, about what happens in the world when all the electricity goes off, more or less permanently.
    Then Walking Dead, series 3, which was highly enjoyable, though it didn’t have a corker of a line like season 2, when in reference to the plague of zombies, on of the characters remarked, “When Jesus said the resurrection of the dead I didn’t think it would be like this.”

  4. Moz of Yarramulla

    Tigtog: darn, I was going to follow you all round and see if any buildings spontaneously caught fire from the sheer intensity of your feminist activity.

    Instead I’m sitting at home waiting for visitors and rotting my phone (which is not as exciting as it sounds. Mostly it’s a few mouse clicks, wait, click more, wait…)

  5. Casey

    (Cue harps).

    Congratulations DrSusanCalvin. You have been appointed an hon. witch witch (given you were already one anyway you get a double barrel medal) for your services to my frackin backyard for 2013. Yes, it was indeed true that the smearing of the small green bodies up and down the leaves whilst incantating hexes during the equinox on a fullish moon did get rid of the little bastards. I can’t imagine why. Nor can I imagine why my neighbours did not call the police.

    Please make your way to your local Coles supermarket where you can collect your medal along with 1kg of complimentary roasted peanuts, which you can use for many fun filled hours in our gracious and welcoming galleries.

    Yrs, witch, etc etc.

  6. dylwah

    This time last year I was plastering and painting the front room and kitchen. I’m beginning to think that painting is a bit like chips and such, you can’t just stop at one or two. I’m just about finished the the back room now and will soon only have the bathroom and laundry to to do.

    Dr Honey is conducting last minute prep for her (work) trip to Sth Africa and the takkers are filling my lunch break with a dance show to the music of the Buffy musical, Matilda and Mulan. I think I sense a pattern emerging.

  7. drsusancalvin

    @5 *bows. Why thank you ma’am.

  8. zorronsky

    [email protected]
    Spoken like a true achiever! Never put off for a mo’ what you can do in ten minutes.
    I’ve pulled the sheep in to the home paddock for a few days to get on top of what will probably be a strong Spring pasture growth as a first step in fire control this season. I’ll pop them in again for another little while when the grasses start heading and the sun will take care of the rest.
    It’s a bit of a nuisance getting in and out and the deerhound likes to surprise the sheep that eat up close to the house yard fence but it makes a great fire break.
    Got a start on the veggie garden and will put in a couple of hours a day ’til it’s all planted.
    Good to see a backman get due recognition in a break from the usual.
    I got half-plastered without painting anything red watching the game on the ‘outside’ TV and enjoyed seeing a ‘western suburbs’ hero follow his dream.

  9. Terry2

    jungney @1: a local developer (destroyer!) in the area took it upon himself to bulldoze some fine old eucalypts and I was told that he would then have a bonfire as soon as the bushfire risk abated. So I headed over, chainsaw at the ready, and cut out some straight 2m posts – beautiful fragrance, clears the sinuses – and now have them curing ready to go into a chook shed/yard. But it will all have to wait until temperatures get below 30 before I start work.

  10. jungney

    Thanks for the encouragement and good ideas Zorronsky and Terry2 stop it goes well stop we’ve sent out for emergency vodka stop named La Cage Mahal stop all recycled materials from the Drastic Tip stop

  11. Tyro Rex

    Well, counter to all the outdoors work and such going on I am reliving Easts great victory over Newcastle last night to put them into the Grand Final against Manly next week. I have not had the chance to devote a Sunday afternoon to nothing much but watch TV for some months now so I’m relishing this opportunity the “mid” semester break has given me. EASTS TO WIN!

  12. PavCat

    (Not particularly) lazy Sunday: Kaffeeklatsch, shopping, tidying up, work reading, sweet pea plant tending, weeding, Nigella’s chicken and mushroom pie filling (with bacon, thyme and marsala) for my dad for his pie-maker, desktop maintenance, list-making, paperwork, and roast lamb with garlic and rosemary for dinner.

  13. Jacques de Molay

    Paul Burns, Good to see you getting into The Walking Dead, I’m sure you know Season 4 starts in October and SBS 2 are going to start showing TWD from episode 1 of season 1 in November.

    I thought Ripper Street was alright too although felt a little ‘Americanised’, they’ve just filmed Season 2 of it as well.

  14. Helen

    Between bouts of housework and gardening I’ve been dipping in and out of this magnificent stoush thread about literature on Crooked Timber. Some genuine LOL moments.


    Commenter “Kent”: “I don’t know if anybody here watches ‘the big bang theory,’ but both Straightwood and Hector make a lot more sense if you imagine their words coming out of the mouth of Sheldon Cooper.”

    Also, listening to this sublime album


    And this very good one


    making housework go more quickly.

  15. Golliblog

    Checked the top paddock for native herbs and forbes. Noticed a pink finger orchid (Caladenia carnea) for the first time ever. Hopefully it will have babies for next Spring.

    Fenced off a small area of Poa sieberiana so that I can collect seed for further reveg work before it gets eaten.

    Chocolate lillies, Milkmaids and Yellow Rush lilly in great numbers this season, thanks to good rains and for some unknown reason, fewer rabbits.

  16. tigtog

    Helen, I’ve read about David Gilmour’s BS “teaching” elsewhere, but this comment on the CT thread brought me up short, because I haven’t seen this pointed out anywhere else:

    Doctor Science wrote #107:

    Third, I’m surprised that no-one has brought up how David Gilmour’s “teaching” looks more like grooming. Especially the way he uses Tropic of Cancer as a boundary-violator, with the goal of getting the students to The Dying Animal — which as Chris Betram says @#2, is about a male professor describing how he seduces and fucks (female) students.

    He isn’t just an asshole, he’s creepy.

  17. tigtog

    Hm, I mistook this for the Salon Thread. I might just repost my comment there.

  18. paul burns

    Jacques de M @ 13,
    Yeah, its pretty good. So far though, between Walking Dead, Revolution and Falling Skies, I think Falling Skies is the best.
    Its intriguing how, as we head for the destruction of the planet through the non-activity about global warming, how many post-apocalyptic dramas are being created. And how the sword and bow and arrow are making a come-back. I suppose people will eventually realise its not as easy as it looks in Robin Hood movies once the apocalypse comes, the year we wait for the final series of The Game of Thrones to be made. Which means none of us will ever know how GOT ends, I guess.

  19. Geoff Henderson

    After spending a lot of time cleaning up my sail boat a friend FB’d this to me.
    Nick Minchin has been awarded an honorary doctorate. Here is at least part of his address to the University:

  20. jules

    That Nick Minchin should go into politics…

  21. Geoff Henderson

    Maybe Jules, but I think politics has ruined a few good men.

  22. paul burns

    Am now reading Ross Gibson’s 26 Views of the Starburst World. William Dawes at Sydney Cove, which I have to review.

    And in the mail I just got Lady Mary Wortley Montagu, Selected Letters. (Black Penguin.)
    Too many books to read.