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7 responses to “What do the micro-parties mean? It’s not just about preferences”

  1. John D

    It is not just micro parties preferencing each other. For example, the ALP in Qld put both Katter and the motor enthusiasts ahead of the Greens.
    The good news is that the momentum for Senate voting reform has become unstoppable.

  2. Paul Norton

    Here is the state by state aggregate Senate vote for microparties and ungrouped candidates (including KAP but not including PUP or the Xenophon group):

    NSW 22.25%
    Victoria 12.89%
    QLD 13.90%
    WA 14.06%
    SA 14.63%
    Tasmania 11.90%
    ACT 11.43%
    NT 9.99%.

    QED not a microscopic share of the vote.

  3. Chris

    Sophisticated preference exchanges would be irrelevant if the sum of the micro-parties’ vote was really microscopic. When we see Nick Xenophon outpoll the Labor Party in South Australia (and almost outpoll the Liberals) and PUP attain half a quota on primaries in Queensland, that’s an indicator of what’s going on with the micro-parties writ large.

    I think the reason that Xenophon is so popular in SA is that he actually attempts to represent the people of South Australia rather than the party. He doesn’t really attempt to articulate much policy or vision. He is fairly centrist so not too offensive to anyone. But he does get involved with a lot of local issues – pretty much any situation where its the little guy against the big guy, he’s there in front of the cameras standing next to the little guy. And to be fair, although he loves media attention he does appear to actually help.

    In comparison the ALP and Liberal senators and even Sarah Hanson Young don’t appear to get involved in anything which is not a party policy related issue. In other words to the public they represent their party, not the people who actually vote for them. Kind of makes me wonder exactly what big party senators actually do.

  4. tigtog
  5. jungney

    Thanks t-t. I’ll go with the ausrtalian kero party!

  6. paul burns