Who passed the Lindsay Test? On Murdoch’s declining empire

murdochI probably don’t need to link to any of the multifarious commentators who found the blatant partisanship of the Murdoch tabloids in the campaign offensive and anti-democratic.

Generally, I’m eschewing purchasing News Limited titles, but I did take a look at The Australian dead tree edition last week, and was frankly bored by the laudatory column inches about the wonderful and measured performance of the New Government, and what a Great Speaker Bronwyn Bishop will be.

There might be a market for right wing red meat, but I don’t know if there’s much of a market for this stuff.

Notoriously, the Daily Telegraph claims that it is just reflecting what its readers want in its political slant.

So, if – as they say – it’s the Bible of Western Sydney, how did they do?

Let’s say there are 16 electorates in Western Sydney broadly defined. A Facebook friend of mine pointed out that prior to the election, 13 were Labor and 3 LNP. Now there are 9 Labor and 7 LNP, with 4 of those won by less than 2000 votes.

That seems more like a normal swing of the pendulum than anything else.

In other news, News is not doing so well.

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One response to “Who passed the Lindsay Test? On Murdoch’s declining empire”

  1. wilful

    If I feel perversely inclined to get my hate on re NewsCorp, I go have a read of Neil Chenoweth’s blog: http://neilchenoweth.com/.

    So, depending which way you cut it, NewsCorp has lost anything from hundreds or millions to billions in the last year. Just how deep are their pockets, and when do they have to pull the plug? They just can’t keep going on the way they have. What is the future of the media? The Guardian and the ABC? Niche product for niche markets? Everyone wanting to be engaged shouting on the blogs, everyone else getting two seconds of politics on the broadcast news?