Brisbanites! Announcing The Ubiquitous Hat Pop Up Book and Garage Sale! This Saturday!

IMAG7316-1-1As Brian mentioned the other day, I’m moving and we’re hosting a Pop Up Book and Garage Sale on Saturday at our Farm House.

There’s oodles of quality books – academic and otherwise, with politics and history particularly prominent among the sale stock!

Anyone with a predilection for horror and vampire and arthouse dvds will find a plethora of choices, and anime, classics and Hollywood fans won’t be disappointed either!

Then there’s an array of branded men’s business shirts, vintage fashion and much, much more! One feature of our participation in the Garage Sail Trail, which has the laudable aim of reducing waste and encouraging recycling, is our intention to fund a Kiva loan from the proceeds.

So book and film lovers, please check out our page here.

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9 responses to “Brisbanites! Announcing The Ubiquitous Hat Pop Up Book and Garage Sale! This Saturday!”

  1. Brian

    I’m not sure people realise, but there are going to be garage sales all over Brisbane on Saturday. I’m told that there are at least 20 planned for Kenmore alone.

    Mark has the disadvantage of not having a garage accessible to the street, but he and Sara in particular have out in a lot of effort to make a visit a genuine retail experience.

  2. Graham Bell

    Best wishes for your decluttering (important) and your garage sale (potential for fun, off-loading stuff and making a few dollars). Hope you don’t mind these suggestions: Have PLENTY of change (everybody will turn up with $50 notes) and bags to carry stuff away. Don’t be disappointed if only a few people turn up; marketing and location are important but so too is sheer chance. Please restrain yourself if a grub paws your stuff then turns his nose up at it or offers you an insultingly low price; a thoroughly justified punch in his lug might get you talked about. No matter what you do, you will end the day with a collection of your least-liked stuff and with second thoughts about some items you did sell – that’s normal for a garage sale. Sorry I won’t be in Brisbane to buy some of your bargains. 🙂

  3. tigtog

    Good luck with the garage sale, Mark!

    A couple of things I learnt from the one we had for Mum and Dad’s stuff:

    You might end up having a mob of earlybirds just hovering on your driveway an hour before the advertised start time, and when you open the garage doors it will be like a zombie horde descending. If so it will not be possible to keep your eyes on everybody, so make sure you’ve got the small more valuable portable stuff near where one of you is sitting with a change-box (some of the first arrivals stole lots of small things (bits of costume jewellery, ornaments etc), and one of them even stole my mum’s wig she had during her chemotherapy right off the stand! – apparently some people who run regular market stalls make a habit of picking over garage sales first thing in the morning before they go and set up at the markets).

    Sit down every chance you get. By the end of the day you will be footsore and exhausted. If someone wants to buy the chairs you’re using, see if you can persuade them to pay a deposit and come back for them at the end of the day.

  4. Graham Bell

    Good on you, tigtog.

    Watch out for a request to use your toilet: might be a genuine need, might be reconnaissance. No matter what you paid for something, don’t be afraid to drop your price way down to get a sale (otherwise you will have to pack up the item and haul it away with you). Have your notebook ready, you never know who will turn up or what unexpected information will fall at your feet – serendipity – often happens at garage sales.

    We all expect a debrief or an after-action report too. No, not this Lazy Sunday – you’ll be too worn-out – but the following weekend will do just fine, thanks. 🙂

  5. mindy

    Mark do you have any memoirs by Aussie PMs since beginning of the Cold War? Or good quality authorised biographies? Or Australia and the Cold War?

  6. zorronsky

    My partner would like to be a couple of thousand kilometres closer, me too. Good luck, sounds great.

  7. Shingle

    I love a blog that also has garage sales.

  8. Helen

    There’s a facebook page for selling/swapping stuff called Melbourne Garage Sale. For Melbourne area, natch. Haven’t used it to get rid of stuff yet but like the idea. I enquired on a set of car tyres and the guy selling them didn’t know the size!!!! (Stolen maybe?!)

  9. Brian

    I just realised there has been no report.

    Overall the sale was reckoned a success. I see it in terms of boxes. In all about 96 boxes of stuff were moved from Mark’s place to ours, mostly books. The sale on my reckoning saved about two. The project now is to sell some via the internet. Mark tells me you can get an app to create a record from the bar code.

    The internet site proved a complete flop with no sales identified from that direction. Most found out through Facebook. There was at least one LP reader who found out through this post!

    On the same day my brother and sister-in-law sold about a quarter of the stuff they had in their garage. They are planning follow-up sales.

    Mark would too if uni was in session. Some of the most enthusiastic buying was from a couple of pol sci students. Our place would actually be a better site, as we are on a back street shortcut from the western suburbs to The Gap. My bro says they got most of their trade straight off the street.