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19 responses to “Lazy Sunday”

  1. Paul Norton

    I celebrated my birthday by cycling to Murwillumbah via Numinbah Valley .

  2. paul burns

    Happy birthday, PN.
    Reading Romer’s Ancient Egypt, net-surfing, sleeping. Normal sort of day.

  3. Brian of Buderim

    I am enjoying the feeling I get when I think of Australia’s 54-17 win over Argentina. It must be a record score by Australia against Los Pumas. One writer described it as less than perfect. Imagine!

  4. jungney

    Paul Norton: happies for the day. That’s a decent sort of a spin! I cycled for about twenty years as a commuter and for fun, long spins around Ireland and elsewhere. But I wearied of the pain. I’m inspired by yr efforts to inquire about a good fitting road cycle.

    PB: I’m in an Australian mood, the radio is playing c+w, it always does in daylight hours, there’s a very warm wind tousling the she oaks, which are flowering. Your favorite Australian history text? I’d be interested. Mine’s Greg Dening’s Mr Bligh’s Bad Language’. A superb reappraisal, on the facts, with imagination to spare.

  5. paul burns

    Not necessarily in any order.
    Alan Atkinson, Europeans in Australia, Vol. 2.
    Peter Cochrane, Colonial Ambition. Foundations of Australian Democracy,
    and Grace Kaarskens, The Colony. A History of Early Sydney.

  6. Obviously Obtuse

    How about The Fatal Shore, by whatsisface. Best example of why the logic of increasingly harsher punishments for rule violations doesnt work. Apparently convicts would put their own eyes out, rather than watch another flogging. Others would beg magistrates to just put them out of their misery and be done with it.
    Some find this kind of reading matter depressing, for some reason. I love reading about that stuff. Like ‘orrible histories, I suppose.

  7. Jacques de Molay

    Watching the SANFL Grand Final.

    Carn you mighty Redlegs!

  8. Terry2

    Never go to Bunnings wearing a red Tshirt : big mistake.

    Almost came to blows with a dude who asked where the plastic coated washing-lines were, when I tod him I didn’t have a clue.

  9. Jacques de Molay

    Almost came to blows with a dude who asked where the plastic coated washing-lines were, when I tod him I didn’t have a clue.

    Not much different from their usual customer service then. I’ve never experienced worse customer service or more clueless staff than at Bunnings.

  10. paul burns

    Obviously Obtuse @ 6,
    Kaarskens explains why not Robert Hughes and The Fatal Shore in a magnificently debunking chapter. basically, he got it rong.

  11. drsusancalvin

    I completed my annual red cabbage Japanese pickles, and used the little bit left over to create a sticky red cabbage and pear jam. It’s somewhat similar to quince paste, but is translucent; the colour of stained glass. Saint Agur Blue cheese goes beautifully with it.

  12. jungney

    PB: the one thing Hughes got right was the universality of violence and brutality. I’m guessing we’ll differ here. Thanks for the suggestions above. The local but two towns library will do the right thing by me.

  13. Moz of Yarramulla

    Good on you Paul, and that sounds mighty enjoyable. Purely for contrast, I rode my 4-wheel load bike down to the supermarket then back up with a big lot of groceries. Noticed that a: it’s summer and b: OMG the traffic. Apart from that, have not left the house. Will be working tomorrow, and having given up on my partner ever doing a tax return, amd going to do my tax return. Hooray for labour day.

  14. tigtog

    drsusancalvin, the red cabbage and pear jam sounds superb. Will have to hunt down a recipe, since Saint Agur is our favourite blue cheese.

  15. drsusancalvin

    @14 tigtog I just made it up: 2 handfuls of red cabbage shredded fine and long, 2 firm peeled green pears chopped into small cubes, and an equal weight or volume of white sugar (plus + if you want a firmer texture) and a large base stainless steel pot, slow simmer over a trivet. Usual jam on a chilled plate texture tests. Good luck!

  16. philip travers

    How does Paul Norton do it!? Happy late Birthies,Paul!?

  17. faustusnotes

    I went to a strange and sweet Japanese festival today: the Doll Appreciation Ceremony at Meiji Jingu. Basically you hand your unwanted dolls over to the shrine and they consecrate them before they throw them away. Apparently Japanese traditionally believed Dolls had souls! Pictures and further details at my blog. Meiji Jingu is a very important ceremonial shrine in Japan (three weddings occurred in the hour I was there!) so it’s kind of interesting that they hold such a ceremony there at all. Apparently it is sponsored by a mysterious and no doubt sinister group called the “Doll Appreciation Society.” Illuminati much?

    At Meiji Jingu, in the heart of Tokyo, I bumped into some friends attending the same ceremony, so had a nice afternoon lunching and chatting in Harajuku. “Sunday” and “nice afternoon” don’t usually work in the same sentence as “Harajuku,” so that was good!

  18. paul burns

    the universality of violence and brutality


    Yes and no, jungney – sometimes convict society was just plain dull. And one has to be careful one is not seeing convict society through the lenses of the anti-transportation society.
    Port Arthur, Norfolk Island the first time it was re-opened, Macquarie Harbour, Moretron Bay at one point – these were more or less hell-holes, but a lot of the time convict life was dull and boring and in rural areas frequently isolated. We were not a gulag, by any means, IMO.
    Of course, its a totally different tale told through the prism of convict/black or settler black locations.

  19. Helen

    A short Lazy Sunday thread, possibly due to Daylight Saving – robbed of an hour! chiz chiz chiz…

    Blogmeet of veterans of the Noughties blogosphere at the Union Hotel in Brunswick! Laura of Sills Bend with Dorian and the very handsome Lenny, who now insists on being called Leonardo. Tim Train of Will Type for Food. Caren Ampersand Duck from Canberra. Eleanor Elsewhere. Hope I haven’t forgotten anyone! The Lucilles played and we all had a bit of a catch up.