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16 responses to “Lazy Sunday”

  1. drsusancalvin

    Statement issued from somewhere…. “Now that Chopper Read is dead, I’d like to set the record straight. Who did what to whom is not really important, but I know Chopper would want the truth to come out. Yeah, he’s not here to back me up, and sorry I didn’t get around to it earlier and it’s not true that I am a weak prick and a coward. Anyway, he never did that stuff to me, in fact he and I were best mates over the years and he had a bit of a rep to keep up, so I was sort of helping him out in a way.”

  2. Moz of Yarramulla

    Am having a recovery day after spending half of Friday and all day yesterday helping my partner with her film premiere. First time I’ve run a sound desk for about 20 years but in shocking news, they’re still a big panel of knobs (no allusion to the legislative process is intended). Plus took photos and entertained various VIPs while people who should have been more organised did whatever it was they were supposed to have already done for said VIPs.

    Also, am somewhat addicted to the Lorde album + EP now that I have them. Surprising range and quite listenable , especially for 16 year old.

    Today I sleep! Lazy Sunday, as instructed.

  3. Mahaut1329

    Sunday lunch on the terrace of the National library on a spring (or autumn) day enjoying lively conversation with old friends is one of the great pleasures. Today is not the day for delving into the contents of the library. That is for cold or hot days. But a dawdle in the book shop always reveals some thing special. I now have a penguin bag emblazoned with Virginia Woolf’s ‘A Room of one’s own’. For me, a truly significant book.

  4. cyberfysh

    Taking time out to relax while chicken stock simmers in the slow cooker. Sunday afternoon is for re-creation, with a glass of wine and some light reading.

  5. Paul Norton

    I stopped over in Annerley on Saturday night after spending a couple of hours with the Murris of the sovereign embassy in Musgrave Park, then had breakfast at Atomica in West End, and went on a ride on the CityCat ferry from West to Hamilton before the circuitous drive home to the Gold Coast this afternoon.

  6. Salient Green

    This Sunday has been unremarkable except for the crap weather in
    SA and a lamb roast.
    Last Sunday however I snorkelled Piccaninnie ponds, something I have wanted to do for years. Would rather scuba dive it but I am not cave qualified. Ewen ponds were also on the list but were closed for environmental recovery.
    We visited discovery bay near Portland only to find the beach littered with human made rubbish. I have seen photos of beaches in Hawaii which are magnets for rubbish but no photo can convey the enormity of the problem like seeing it in person.
    There was a lone person working away with a small pair of scissors trying to separate ropes and fishing line from seaweed. We talked to this wonderful lady who said she was not even a local but she and her daughter had recently cleared the beach of wool-bales full of rubbish which the council refused to take responsibility for and had to be disposed of at the tip at a cost to her.
    Most of the rubbish was of commercial fishing origin,- bouys, ropes, cray pot bits, 20L containers- but also an enormous amount of small pieces of plastic as described by observers of the Pacific gyre.
    I have to say I was brought to tears, by the mess and by the lady bravely working alone to clean a lovely beach sullied by human carelessness.

  7. philip travers

    The simple life avoids me.Just ask the big dead rat I found in a room I was avoiding cleaning up! Must have been working on this one room for eight hours.And so hot I had to reinvent another use for Chux superwipes besides underpants trial and error patching.Soaked completely and wrapped around bags of vegies and other food and then further wrapping four or five thick,then four potato bags wrapped around on them .Worked like a charm. In a clapped out freeezer,which I hope soon will be full of sand and charcoal,and always wetted to put a deep chill on the perishables.And the coolgardie safe added to the design matter. I have a little twelve volt fridge and wine cooler,but, doing the same Chux thing inside and out has failed the jelly test 3 in 5 times.Rat piss smell I succeeded in removing.Until!?? Next step a table tennis table set up in that room,so the near sixty and over reflexes for the road and society are as sharp as I can get them.

  8. Geoff Henderson

    Salient we have similar issues in Far north Queensland. Literally tonnes are rubbish are harvested from beaches up our way.
    All human rubbish; in our case much rubbish is of tourist origin, but a vast amounts fetches from Indonesia and Malaysia.
    You might be aware of Heidi Taylor and her organisation Tangora Blue. Consider contacting her.
    Australian Marine Debris Initiative
    Tangaroa Blue Foundation
    M: +61(0)410 166 684

    Heidi has done extraordinary things clearing beaches and her influence is growing. She is strongly in favour of deposits on soft drink bottles and cans.

  9. Salient Green

    Thanks Geoff. I emailed the link and some well chosen words to the Glenelg Shire council.

  10. Brian

    On Saturday afternoon we attended a birthday party at a unit on the 63rd floor of the Q1 building in Surfers Paradise. In terms of height I guess it was similar to the Ulm Minster observation point which we climbed five years ago.

    Wikipedia gives the population on the Gold Coast as 591,000, which must be with a full load of tourists. Still it’s a bit astonishing. I hadn’t been there much lately. Got caught in a traffic jam trying to get across the bridge from Surfers to Southport.

  11. paul burns

    Finally finished watching all of The Sopranos. Apart from one episode in I think series 4, which was a really boring longwinded dream sequence, it was brilliant and I loved every minute of it.

  12. Helen

    Did you get the pasta cravings Paul?

  13. paul burns

    I am tempted to buy the cookbook so I can make something better than I presently can with the ingredients in my cupboard. I really want to know what ziti is.

  14. Geoff Henderson

    PB: from here, but I suspect that an explanation from Helen would be much better: https://www.google.com/search?q=ziti&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&aq=t&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&client=firefox-a&channel=np&source=hp

    Baked ziti
    Baked ziti is an baked casserole dish made with ziti macaroni and sauce characteristic of Italian-American cuisine. Wikipedia

    Pasta in medium-sized, often ridged tubes.

    used with a sing. or pl. v.) a tubular pasta in short pieces, often baked in a tomato sauce.
    [1925–30; < Italian zite, ziti, pl. of zita, zito, said to be ellipsis from maccheroni di zita literally, bride's macaroni, from the serving of such pasta at wedding feasts]

  15. paul burns

    Thanks, Geoff. Will try it some day.

  16. jungney

    I’ve returned from four days of peace, love , live music and arthritis celebrating a mate’s significant day. Fortunately, the venue was at 1500 feet (yep, feet, the real measure of altitude) so we were spared this heat. Checked in the with Major Fire.s update site from the Rural Fire Servicde; all clear here in Drastic, something of a miracle, but the directions for the Lithgow Fire in the Blue Mts makes sobering reading