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44 responses to “44/28 Watch: no-surprises, no-excuses, no-information government”

  1. paul burns
  2. dave

    I still believe what we don’t know can’t hurt us…and there are things we don’t know that we don’t know.

  3. paul burns

    And not everybody is happy. 🙂


    (This link comes from the Murdochcracy so you might have to pay to read it. I got it for free from Google News.)

  4. Ronson Dalby

    Looks like Turnbull has had his gag removed or should we start leadership challenge rumours?

    Malcolm Turnbull calls for conscience vote [on same-sex marriage]


  5. Ronson Dalby

    The government’s challenge to the ACT’s same sex marriage laws is to be heard by the High Court the first week of December.


    I wonder when we’ll hear of some positive action by the government rather than all the things they want to abolish.

  6. Iain Hall

    Even with a free vote I don’t thing that same sex marriage will get up so then what?

  7. paul burns

    Lets start leadership challenge rumours. 🙂

  8. AT

    Ronson Dalby @4 – consider also the likelihood that Turnbull has full licence to call for a conscience vote – since Abbott is constrained from doing so. Abbott would like nothing more than to have the issue out of the way, but it has to be under someone else’s aegis …

  9. Paul

    Yes, the silence from this government is quite deafening.

  10. Bernard J.

    Seems that a new election is on the cards for WA:


    The micro parties are already jockeying to ensure disproportionate inflation of their preference allocations, and the Coalition is calling it a referendum on the carbon tax. It seems that Abbot will take any chance that he can to flog this horse.

    Of course if it’s a referendum on a carbon tax Abbott will be sure to note that he was wrong to dismiss the link between global warming (caused by human carbon emissions) and extreme weather events:



    and that the carbon price is not in fact responsible for the large increases in electricity prices over the last few years:


    And if Abbott and his Coalition of the Willing-to-Deny-and-Lie are not prepared to present the truth and the science, then perhaps there needs to be a public embarrassment campaign to correct the oversight.

    Perhaps this might be a referendum on LNP rorting of travel allowances, or lying about completing the fibre-to-the-house NBN in Tasmania, or any number of other hypocrisies and dissemblances at which the Coalition has become so expert…

  11. Fred Bloggs

    Colebatch has surpassed himself in The Age today, with his timely, satirical review of the Liberals economical words vs economic deeds so far:


    Quite a chuckle.

  12. anotherbryanfromperth

    Isn’t it wonderful not to have the government in the news every 5 minutes like the Rudd and Gillard rabble. The boats have virtually stopped, business confidence is up and soon the useless carbon tax will be gone. The Abbott government has achieved more in 2 months than Labor achieved in 6 years.

  13. Charlie

    Okay ‘anotherbryanfromperth’, I’ll bite – what is it they are trying to achieve, or what have they actually achieved? The boats slowed after Rudd did Manus Island etc so that is just on track from that starting point, and business confidence usually rises once an election is out of the way!! Gee, go figure.

  14. Fran Barlow


    As far as I know, you’re the only “Bryan” here and certainly the sole one from Perth.

    Isn’t it wonderful not to have the government in the news every 5 minutes like the Rudd and Gillard rabble.

    After a fashion. Given that “the government” is Abbott and his ship of fools and scoundrels, it is rather a relief. The main bad thing about the last regime being in the news was the coverage from the MBCM, which was vacuous when it wasn’t mendacious but often both.

    The boats have virtually stopped,

    I had no problem with “boats”, so in one sense I don’t much care and I’m not sure what “virtually” means in this context, since there’s a lot of secrecy around what is happening. I also have the nagging feeling that if, due to the brutality and cynicism of the last regime, the number of boats has been throttled back, then the misery the IMA’s were seeking to avoid by taking to the water has simply been reimposed upon them. That’s a most unpleasant thought and reminds me of what an unpleasant lot the people in marginal seats surely are, if the two parties think such appalling policies are the message we ought to send to the vulnerable.

    So ultimately, I feel deeply troubled by the lack of boats and what it says about my compatriots.

    business confidence is up

    I hear not. Harvey Norman is having a humungous whinge. Then again, when business confidence is up, worker confidence is down, so even if this were true, I’d not be that keen on it.

    and soon the useless carbon tax will be gone.

    Since it never arrived, that’s just silly. If you’re talking about the fixed price permit phase, the last regime terminated that early so that was always in the pipeline. Apparently it did make a difference, so it wasn’t useless. If you’re talking about carbon pricing more generally, then you’re

    a) mistaken — it’s likely to remain at least until July 2015
    b) ignorant — as the ETS is even less ‘tax-like’ than the FPPP

    In short, as a troll, I rate this a fail.

  15. Katz

    Julie Bishop says she intends not to talk about Australian spies snooping on foreign leaders.

    To compensate for Bishop’s sealed lips, the foreign leaders are very keen to tell the world about Australia’s spooks.

    Is this the same Julie Bishop who told the world that she knew that Mossad forged Australian passports and was quite happy with that practice?

  16. paul burns
  17. Ronson Dalby

    “Agriculture Minister Barnaby Joyce billed taxpayers more than $4600 for ”official business” travel to attend rugby league games, including the 2012 State of Origin. The revelations come as the Abbott government hinted it will tighten rules on politicians’ entitlements.”

    … and he’s refusing to pay it back saying his claims are justified.


  18. Ronson Dalby

    “Treasurer Joe Hockey has emphatically declared that electricity prices will drop when the carbon tax is abolished, despite doubts raised by the Australian Industry Group.”


    I think Hockey will end up with egg on his face with this one.

  19. Terry2

    Joe Hockey has also said quite emphatically that he will not be bullied by anybody over the sale of Graincorp to overseas interests. He has also said that his decision will be based on (what is in) the national interest. As far as I can see, there is absolutely nothing in this sale that offers any benefit to the national interest of Australia. So, I assume that the sale will be blocked: watch this space.

  20. duncanm
  21. paul burns

    Abbott is caught up in a stand-off over refugees on the high seas with Indonesia that he doesn’t want us to know about. The Indonesians, though, apparently want us to know every little detail.

  22. Katz

    Abbott’s hairy chested intransigence is driving Australia to awards a full scale diplomatic crisis.

    Unlike the Australian media who failed to interrogate the Coalition on this issue during the election campaign, the Indinesian government understands the issues of international law at stake in this stand-off.

    Have the Australian media educated themselves since the election?


  23. Fran Barlow

    Just recalling that Hockey promised in May 2012 and January 2013 that his government would have a surplus in its first year and in every subsequent year of government.

    No excuses, no surprises.

  24. Brian

    It won’t give the country a surplus, but Hockey and company have scrapped the AusAID graduate program.

    Some of the people had declined other offers to attend the program.

  25. Katz

    Customs vessel Ocean Protector tried unsuccessfully to return up to 63 asylum seekers to Indonesia on Thursday, but Indonesian authorities have so far refused to send a boat to meet them and the situation has become a mid-ocean stand-off.
    The Australian ship came to the aid of the stricken wooden vessel about 57 nautical miles off the coast of Java, and within Indonesia’s search and rescue zone, on Thursday and, rather than taking them to Christmas Island, sought to return the people to Indonesia.

    An Indonesian government source said: ”The Australian ship is heading slowly towards Indonesia but still no decision has been taken about whether they will be taken to Indonesia, Australia, or direct to Papua New Guinea.”


    Who is more credible here? Indonesian authorities describe the movement of an Australian vessel approaching a moment when it will breach Indonesian sovereignty, or Scott Morrison who denies that there is a stand off but who refuses to describe the actions of an Australian vessel.

    Yes that is a rhetorical question.

    The lesson to be learned here is that a jingoistic control freak, following government policy, threatens to commit an act of aggression against a vital diplomatic partner.

    Morrison must humiliate himself here. He has no other choice.

  26. Doug

    Cancelling the AusAid graduate program has as more to do with DFAT asserting its authority in what may well be termed a “hostile takeover”. DFAT graduate program remains apparently untouched.

    DFAT are born to rule and previously squeezed out most of the staff who came across from Trade when the departments were merged, many moons ago.

  27. Ambigulous

    Katz @25

    Fairfax media report the boat has gone to Christmas Island.

    The Indonesian Govt. has been clear for many months that it would not accept “turned back boats” or “turned back asylum seekers”.

    Australian critics of the “turning back” gambit were told they were being ignorant.

    This is a clear failure of one of the Coalition’s most-trumpeted policies.

  28. Katz

    Thanks Ambigulous.

    Would it be unseemly to gloat?

  29. Katz

    Abbott in denial:

    Mr Abbott refused to answer questions about Indonesia’s refusal to take the boat.

    “I’m not going to comment on operational matters, it’s not our practice to comment on operational matters. That just helps the people smugglers,” he said.


    The issue of the Abbott regime’s craven collapse in the face of Indonesian steadfastness has nothing to do with “operational matters”. The outlines of the maritime events are well known and are not in dispute.

    Rather, the confrontational behaviour of the Abbott regime has ignited a serious public diplomatic confrontation over perhaps the most fundamental issues of international law — national sovereignty.

    By pretending that Indonesia’s national sovereignty is negotiable, the pugilistic bullying of the Abbott regime has seriously damaged Australia’s standing.

    It is the responsibility of the MSM to draw the attention of the public to the damage being done by the Abbott regime to Australian interests and to the rule of law.

  30. zorronsky

    ABC NEWS 24 ” The Indonesian Government has announced THREE turned back boats have been refused entry!

  31. paul burns

    I gloat. 🙂
    Abbott’s turn back the boats policy is in tatters.
    Lets hope the rot sets in in other policy areas as well.

  32. J Frank Parnell

    Indonesia has a turn back the boats policy? Who gave them that idea?

  33. Tyro Rex

    My open letter to journalists such as Oakes:

    Journalists’ comments in recent days about this matter of the LNP hiding and dodging from scrutiny, are, as far as I’m concerned, like crying over spilt milk. The LNP has been treating them like the proverbial mushrooms all along, and the Canberra press gallery has compliantly played along the whole time. Now they find these fuckers have power and they are no different fuckers as when they were in opposition, you come crying and whining about it? Well, excuse me Laurie Oakes et al, if I don’t find your whinging at your comeuppance in any way edifying or revealing or even unexpected.

    The real fucking shame is that you let this happen. You could have nailed these fuckers three years ago, but you thought it was just the sport of politics, and you said nothing, and you let them get away with blue murder, and lies, and mealy mouthed deceptions, and unchallenged assumptions. YOU just waved this collection of trough-grazing morons and fascists through to the treasury benches without scrutiny – we (bloggers, politically connected, the informed, the observant) **constantly** tried to tell you the last three years, and you scoffed at us, “we’re the experts, we’ve got the insider information, you’re just stupid amateurs”. So excuse me if I find your outrage at being duped by these numbskulls just a little bizarre, if not actually funny.

    So it’s you, the press gallery, who are equally to blame for the shit-storm of sewage the LNP has made of our whole relationship with Indonesia in less than one month. So stop playing the victim, Oakes, and Cassidy, and all the rest, YOU’RE THE PERPETRATOR’S COMPLIANT WITNESS WHO PERJURED THEMSELVES IN FRONT OF THE JURY.

  34. Tyro Rex

    oh dear, in moderation, probably because swearing.

  35. John D

    Abbott has got away with distorting the truth in Aus because of the tolerance of the Australian press. However, distortion and playing domestic politics when dealing with neighbouring countries is not very smart, particularly with an election and change in president coming up.
    The Indonesian press is not supporting the Abbott line and death stares don’t seem to be working with the Indonesians.

  36. Katz

    Larry Pickering’s head explodes.


    And a posse of keyboard kommandos drown in their mums’ sleepout in their own spittle.

  37. Katz

    Tony Abbott’s desperate confabulation. Read it carefully:

    “And if any boat ever set out from Australia to Indonesia to enter that country illegally, we would do our damnedest to stop it.”


    How on earth would Australian Naval personnel know whether or not any given vessel leaving Australian waters was doing so “illegally”?

    On the face of it, Abbott has multiplied the task of the RAN a thousandfold.

    But of course, he hasn’t. These are the words of a stupid man who finds himself in a role far beyond his capabilities and for which he is emotionally unsuited.

    Australia has elected its very own Captain Queeg.

  38. Ronson Dalby
  39. paul burns

    RD @ 38,
    No, just back to normal.

  40. David Irving (no relation)

    Australia has elected its very own Captain Queeg.

    The melt-down should be spectacular. Strawberry icecream, anyone?

  41. paul burns

    Indeed, David.
    I think I have a pretty good people-meter when it comes to the general public’s response to pollies on TV.
    I watched the grotesque public destruction of JWH by Rudd over the course of 2007, realizing Howard was indeed lost.
    It took me two and a half years from Gillard’s appointment/election as PM before I started reaching for the remote or mute button every time she came on TV.
    Abbott has been in what? two months and already his open fly-catching mouth, his repulsively sleazy half raised right eyebrow like he’s giving the entire electorate the come-on etc etc have instilled in me a deep repugnance for the man. Already I switch channels when he comes on. And its not just because he’s a Liberal. I can with a bit of an effort, bear five minutes or so of Christopher Pyne, Joe Hockey, even Erica Betz, but Abbott makes me reach for the remote.
    I wonder if the majority of the rest of Australia’s viewers are already reacting that way? I sure hope so.

  42. paul burns

    Erratta:I watched the grotesque public destruction of JWH by Rudd over the course of 2007 with fascination, realizing Howard was indeed lost.

  43. Bernard J.

    No surprises indeed. In a parliament where traditionally it has been required that members refer to each other as “Honourable” members, Bronwyn Bishop falls over at the first Hurdle:


    I guess that she gagged at the thought of ruling that it should have been “the Honourable Electricity Bill”.

  44. Bernard J.