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6 responses to “A bolt from the blue”

  1. jungney

    Nah, that ‘asteroid’ in Chelyabinsk was a post commie plot to control planetary weather patterns gone wrong. You know that the NKVD are the new crime czars but they have this damned eastern thing about world domination. They try to control the weather, cause earth quakes and tsunamis and they try to control our thoughts too but Mr Murdoch is in charge of me so I’m safe; he has fire-walled my brain. Also I wear a tin foil hat, but made out of proper Aussie Comalco fail, the good stuff, not that sh*t the Chinese sell.

  2. philip travers

    There are a few matters going on that are oddities.Veterans Today had an article Typhoon Disappears off Japan 29/10, another site,perhaps too odd for LP is endtimes23.com and a old Chillian scientist Carlos Munos Ferrada,if the name is correct has a number of times, named disasters quite accurately…sickenly so.Worth considering even if Nibiru isn’t the cup of tea,to read the tea leaves.I was hoping tonight someone had listened to a ABC programme with Tim Dunlop and Paul Barclay.Paul Barclay claims he is originally or now from Melbourne.I thought he got drowned out by the Brisbane flood,and somehow seem to remember him saying he grew up in a suburb of Brisbane. Parallel Universe ,before Nibiru before post Nibiru!?

  3. Helen

    made out of proper Aussie Comalco fail

    That’s for sure.

  4. Bernard J.

    I thought he got drowned out [sic] by the Brisbane flood…

    That was Paul Lockyer, who reported on others being drowned in the (coincidentally-named) Lockyer Valley in Queensland, and who was killed in a helicopter crash on Lake Eryre.