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15 responses to “Bolt rools!”

  1. Terry2

    These are John Howard’s comments after having given his rather bizarre speech in London:

    “When asked by the audience about the Australian media’s portrayal of the climate debate, Howard said there had been a balanced conversation on the issue on most parts, except within the ABC.
    “It would be wrong to say that all of the Australian media are signed up to the alarmist agenda, even though some of them are.
    “The groupthink of the ABC on this issue is quiet clear … On this issue it’s signed up, there’s no doubt about that. It’s equally fair to say that sections of the Murdoch press, and particularly the national newspaper the Australian, are more sceptical.” ”

    So, according to a former Prime Minister who at one time supported action on climate change – although he now seems to be saying that, in a ‘perfect storm’ he only did that for votes – the media in Australia is balanced apart from the ABC. This type of blatant manipulation of the truth is worrying as we now seem to have abandoned diversity and objectivity in news reporting with the sole arbiter being the Murdoch media empire.

    It doesn’t look good for the ABC under this new extreme conservative regime.

  2. Mahaut1329

    It is a sad thought that one person’s view can have so much impact. But I am confident that our community will eventually lead the way on climate change action and our political leaders will scurry the catch up. False prophets will be ignored.

  3. paul burns

    Getting his racist law too.

  4. Bernard J.


    Sadly I do not share your optimism any more.

    The turning point for me was the day that Abbott knifed Turnbull in the back after Turnbull agreed with Rudd to an ETS. It was clear then that he was tapping into a visceral antipathy in a section of the lay public, and the denialism (and the lack of resistance to it, where it was not overt) that sprouted in the LNP and the media only reinforced my feeling.

    The almost palpable silence from so many Australians since the election in response to:

    1) axing the Climate Commission

    2) axing the Climate Change Authority

    3) axing the position of Minister for Science

    4) axing a huge chunk of the CSIRO

    5) axing the price on carbon pollution

    6) not sending a minister to the United Nations climate change mitigation negotiations next week in Poland, because the minister wants to instead axe a price on carbon

    7) the ongoing refusal by the LNP to acknowledge that electricity prices have increased over the last five year almost entirely because of infrastructure costs rather than from the polluters paying for their emissions

    8) the headlong rush to dig as much coal out of the ground as is possible

    amongst other things – even after this start to the list I’m feeling depressed.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure that with the next change of government Australia will attempt to make up some of the lost ground. We will however never again be able to come remotely near “leading the way”, and we will in all likelihood never be in a position to make up for the willful and criminally-negligent damage caused by the Coalition government under Abbott.

    For that Australians in general will have to carry perpetual responsibility, and damned be those who ever have the temerity in the future to say that it wasn’t their fault that they supported the policies of the Abbott/Murdoch government.

  5. jungney

    No, no, no, Brian, the media doesn’t shape public opinion, it merely reflects it. You old school socialists like your good self and Bacon just imagine that the world as viewed by yourselves is the only possible world. Out here in Drastic there are plenty of people who have Bolt’s attitude, intellect and masculinity; they’ve been known from time to time, up at the Top Pub, to reinforce the strength of their conviction on global warming and anyffink else ‘greeny’, by delivering a well placed and totally unexpected head butt to their interlocutors. They know all about being green, and homos, and blackfellas as well.

    Its a mass cultural/educational divide. It may even have a genetic basis, as well, as someone here recently pointed to in the differences between the way that conservatives and progressives experience fear.

  6. Nick

    ‘Bolt drools’? I’m aware of that.
    Please put ‘sceptical’ inside quote marks when using word around Bolt’s flock.

  7. Fran Barlow


    Please put ‘sceptical’ inside quote marks when using word around Bolt’s flock.

    Plus one …

    Personally, I’d not use the term on the grounds that “Bolt’s flock” are trying to have their wicked way with the term without its consent. We ought not to enable them to get away with it.

  8. Mila

    How and why did this country develop a collective stupidity that allowed the opinions of this type to flourish and fester?

    I will remain baffled that we have become one of the stupidest nations on the planet.

  9. philip travers

    I think Brian must be bored out of his tree.To get my anti Global Warming attitudes I go Rense or Alex Jones or PrisonPlanet and bothThen again,I will go to do a good job,on geoengineering stuff the U.S.A. Where global warming to them and others definitely looks like a major scam. A article at Activist Post Tues. Nov.5 2013 IPCC warns Policy Makers not to stop’ solar radiation management’.

  10. philip travers

    Seems to be a stuff up in presentation.Sorry about that.

  11. BilB

    It started with reality television. Who would have thought “big brother” would be an agent for commercial brain washing rather than the ultimate government snoop.

  12. Bernard J.

    No, no, no, Brian, the media doesn’t shape public opinion, it merely reflects it.

    Heh, I laughed so hard I almost laid an egg.

    There’s a small cottage industry called ‘Advertising’ whose one or two practitioners would differ somewhat from your understanding of the situation…

  13. Bernard J.

    Note – my previous comment should prolly have had a smiley as a punctuation mark!

  14. Graham Bell

    Mila @ 8:

    How and why did this country develop a collective stupidity that allowed the opinions of this type to flourish and fester?

    The answers are simple and many. Where do we start?

    1. Ownership and control of the Australian news media so concentrated that it would make any Stalinist regime envious.

    2. Ingrained pressure to conform that came out of Australia’s convict past: speak out and you’ll be tied to the triangle and flogged to death – better to shut up and live.

    3. A moribund elite that prefers to waste most of its efforts on hindering potential rivals for power and wealth, they do this as a substitute for doing anything positive to maintain their position. We got the dullards and other rejects from the ruling levels of society in England and Scotland, and, like the cane-toad without natural enemies here, they bred.

    There must be a few dozen more major reasons for the collective stupidity – this will do to get the ball rolling.

  15. Johno

    Bolt really owns you lot, doesn’t he.

    Such hysterical overreaction is very heartening.