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7 responses to “Climate clippings 87”

  1. Fran Barlow

    AIUI BHP Billiton contributes 0.5% of world emissions. Gitlin’s point is well made.

  2. Len

    Thanks, Brian for including a reference to the “Blue Sky Movement” in the above post. This group was started by a friend’s family. When they told me about it, I complimented them on a great idea. I reasoned that there are millions of people in Australia who accept that climate change is real and that humans are contributing to it. As well, many of these also want a price placed on the emission of carbon in our economy.
    A recent on-line Sydney Morning Herald poll (>15000 respondents) had the following results today (still in progress):
    * Scrap the carbon tax and replace with Direct Action – 4%
    * Scrap the carbon tax and replace with nothing – 10%
    * Scrap the carbon tax and replace with an emissions trading scheme – 57%, and
    * Keep the carbon tax – 29%.
    While these data almost certainly represent a biassed sample of the overall Australian population wrt views about climate change, it should still give a useful approximate guide re what the community wants.

    So my question is, if way more than half of the Australian population (as an approximation of the 86% in the above poll who supported either an ETS or the Carbon Tax), then why aren’t more people prepared to give witness to their views by taking the “Blue Sky Pledge”? We had envisaged that the BSM would spread exponentially and go viral, but perusal of the Facebook page indicates that this is far removed from what has happened in reality.

    Personally, I have found it to be an affirming thing to do. It has enabled both my wife and I to have a discussion about climate change with lots of people with whom this matter would likely not have arisen without them enquiring about the story behind the blue, queen size sheet draped around a tree on our footpath. It feels good to bear personal, tangible witness in relation to an issue that is of great importance for both current and future generations across the world.

    So ………. if anyone has any views about how to make the BSM “go viral”, and hence give pause for thought to our Prime Minister, then please respond. Note that Prime Minister Abbott and our government are in the 4% mentioned above, or maybe they are really in the 10% in favour of scrapping the carbon tax and doing nothing, but thought it would be difficult to get elected if such a policy had been adopted. Oh cynical me!

  3. Len

    Yes, Brian. Your personal response re taking the Blue Sky Pledge is typical, according to my friend who started the Facebook page. When people who are concerned about climate change hear about it, they commit to putting something blue near their footpath (or on their bicycle, or on their balcony, or similar), but days, then weeks go by and nothing happens! Oh well………
    Personally, I have found it to be a very satisfying thing to do. Both my wife and I had a great time at the Get-up rally in Queens Park, Brisbane (see your item 2 above). Everyone we spoke to thought it was a great idea. But a highlight of the rally was that the organised singer could not attend. As it happened, one of the organisers new that John Butler and his family were in town. A quick phone call and they were there in a flash to do a wonderful set for the crowd …… featuring both John and his wife – she is a delightful singer as well. And their young daughter joined them for a moving rendition of “From little things, big things grow”. Turns out that John Butler is a committed to fostering effective action on climate change as well.

  4. Graham Bell

    China has been undergoing radical change over the past dozen years. Yes, they were building coal-fired power stations like all get-out to meet immediate needs …. but at the same time they were going full steam ahead with alternatives. My guess is that sometime in the 2020s, China will be the world leader in renewable power and they will be demolishing coal-fired power stations.

    So hurry up, you won’t be able to use the “China Excuse” for too much longer.