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14 responses to “Lazy Sunday”

  1. Obviously Obtuse

    Just did age fun run and then heard flannery, bandt and danby? at treasury garden s rally. Was good. am stuffed. Frist?

  2. paul burns

    Still reading Hitler bio.
    Filipino friend’s family okay. Out of path of typhoon.

  3. Casey

    I went to America: Painting a Nation Exhibition at the Art Gallery in Sydney. OMG, those Americans thought they were Gods gift from Day One!! It was great. I recommend it.

  4. Val

    The rally was great at Treasury Gardens – such a beautiful day, such beautiful people

  5. wilful

    Had a crap day. The five year old chucked an atrocious wobbly and as punishment wasn’t allowed to go to the party, so parents and kids split up and I got the short straw and escorted brat home for the afternoon.

    Still, after that we gardened, getting tomatoes and corn in.

  6. philip travers

    [political ruminations snipped by mods]. I ,rolled out my RingGrip deck LED lights tonight all twenty of them[in a 4 light array] as security lights on a very wet night.Visibility very low they cost me 5 dollars about two or three years ago. [political ruminations snipped by mods]

  7. Helen

    Went to the Climate Change action rally with 92 year old mum, who thinks Abbott should get his finger out and stop pretending there isn’t a problem.

  8. Brian

    My wife and I went to the rally, in Queen’s Park. Jim Chalmers (ALP for Rankin) pointed out that we were in the presence of Queen Victoria’s statue (behind the stage). She would have to sub for Teresa Gambaro, the local member, who of course didn’t show.

    The prize for oratory went jointly to Drew (‘Lock the Gate’) Hutton and Christine Milne, who was in town for a gathering of The Greens. Drew pointed out that proposed coal exports from the Galilee Basin would produce CO2 at a rate that would make it equivalent to the 7th ranking country in the world.

    My wife said Mark Butler was due to show, but it turned out to be John Butler, who plays a mean guitar and sings.

  9. Guy

    Leaving London in 9 days for good (I think)!

  10. Salient Green

    About 1000 attended the Adelaide rally apparently but it looked a lot more to me. SHY spoke inspiringly and Penny Wong even more so.
    New acronym, Abbott’s action on global warming Probably Inadequate to Successfully Save the World’s Economy and Climate – PISSWEAC.
    Best Placard- “Abbott” happens.

  11. John D

    Queen’s park was packed when I was there. Not sure what this means in terms of numbers.

  12. Brian

    John D, I read somewhere 4000. As a guestimate I’d think that was the upper limit.

  13. Debbieanne

    [email protected] Are you coming home?
    Glad to hear so many got to rally in Brissy. I am not well enough, but was there in spirit.

  14. paul burns

    Now reading Ann Somerset’s The Affair of the Poisons. Murder, Infanticide and Satanism at the Court of Louis XIV . Its fascinating. There’s a few 17C French sources cited that I obviously have to read some time.