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21 responses to “Lazy Sunday”

  1. Brian

    On Saturday Mark and I reorganised the 96 boxes of mainly books into three broad categories – for storage, for sale and for current use. Giant online book sale coming up.

    The negative from heaving boxes around in the heat was that I was too tired to go to the Bach Society’s rendition of The Messiah, where my wife was singing alto.

  2. Brian

    One little incident perhaps of interest.

    As I was stacking boxes in the shed I noticed a skink in the corner, perhaps about 10 inches long. I put on my prize German goatskin gardening gloves, reached in and grabbed him. Unfortunately I got him around the middle, so his head came around and he bit my gloved finger. His teeth weren’t sharp enough even to mark the leather, but I felt the pinch of his jaws.

    Again unfortunately my reflex reaction was to fling him down on the floor behind me, whereupon he disappeared.

    Later I told my wife, who admonished me for my incompetence and suggested that if it happened again I call a responsible adult, namely her.

    Later again I found said skink amongst some shovels, so I called my wife, who was practising her alto part on the computer whilst frying an egg and bacon for a light meal before she took off. Not a good time, but she turned off the pan and made short work of it. One bare hand, just behind the head (I couldn’t do it!). When you put them down, she explained, use two hands, one to hold the tail, then pull your hands away quickly. They like to wrap their tales around your arm, then swing around and bite you.

    “I used to do this all the time at preschool!” she said.

    It’s true she really wanted to be a vet, but her results weren’t good enough, so she became a preschool teacher instead.

  3. Terry2

    Amazing how quickly the Northern weather patterns have been taken over by NW Monsoon, bringing humidity, rain and cyclone across the top-end. After a dry season extending from July all of a sudden cane toads are emerging, our tanks are full again and everything is greening up. Coincidentally, will probably also stem flow of asylum seekers from Indonesia as waters become even more treacherous.

  4. Helen

    Brian, maybe the spider technique, with a bigger container, would work for skinks? Keep a largish square clear plastic container handy. Plop over the critter, then very gently, taking care not to hurt toes, (his not yours) slide a piece of cardboard between the wall and the container. Invert, then release the critter in your chosen place.

  5. Graham Bell

    What I miss about Brisbane (No.83): The Messiah.

    Did anyone go to Castlemaine for the Spookymen concert? Andrew Ford mentioned it on his ABC-RN show on Saturday morning.

    Brian (again):
    ” ….but her results weren’t good enough ….” Ggrrrrr. One of my pet hates. How often you see interest, enthusiasm, curiosity and tenacity trump mere scores and marks? It’s time career direction was determined by a balance of the former with the latter …. and not the latter alone.

  6. Nick

    Pretty much all Doctor Who, all the time, for us.

    Mark Gatiss’s “An Adventure in Space and Time” was remarkable; I’m very familiar with the behind-the-scenes stuff, but to see it dramatised (and simplified, of course) was something else again. David Bradley’s portrayal of William Hartnell was remarkable (though he’s clearly a more physically imposing man than the original, which modulates Hartnell’s famous irritability a little oddly). A powerful mixture of humour, sadness, and triumph.

  7. faustusnotes

    I spent much of Sunday role-playing a dark and nasty adventure involving evil gods and human trafficking. Killed a fallen angel and came out on top though – finished off with pizza. Yay!

  8. philip travers

    Leave the bloody skink alone,not only won’t it do damage to any household product,it has a great footprint even on old charcoal.Grrrrrrrr and more some ggggrrrrrr!

  9. Lesley de Voil

    I elected to go to my first look and listen to the new interior of Brisbane City Hall. From five rows in front of the balcony the stalls seem to be OK. Overall the impression is that the hall is slightly deader, though not enough to defeat the soloists. I could hear Greg Massingham’s “k”s ! The augmented QS&M has technically improved – their tone much clearer than of yore, but their consonants no better than previous, which is more likely a function of their position 20 feet or more behind Greg. The aircon I found almost unbearably cold. I do hope that this doesn’t mean having to sit right down the front! I am afraid that I do *not* like the new colour scheme, nor do I think that the new outer ring of the dome matches the inner. Will have to try a few performances before finding out whether the odd focal points have disappeared. (There used to be spots in the hall where one could hear the bassoons or the violas much too loudly!) Mixed bag, guys.

  10. Brian

    philip travers @ 8, we were worried that when we closed the door, as we must, the skink would not be able to get out. No-one wants a dead skink behind a stack of boxes of books.

    Helen, yes, that technique would have worked, and coming to think of it I have heard of that before. My wife sorted it in a fraction of the time, but I’d reckon she might use your method for spiders.

  11. paul burns

    Sunday: Dr Who @ 7.50 am, 7.30 pm, and then the Drama about the first Dr. Who. Reading a bio of Al Capone ; fascinating.
    Lat Sunday night was whisked away in an ambulance to hospital. Very, very minor problem with muscles and cerebral palsy, (that’s my diagnosis) and not as I originally first feared a heart condition. So I had a wonderful 1 and1/2 days rest, and even my breathing is a little improved.

  12. mindy

    Glad to hear that it was only minor PB and we don’t have to truck in the Southern Comfort just yet.

  13. Fran Barlow

    I had my hair done the other day, and sitting there I could see an analog clock in the mirror. I found it amusing that the clock’s hands appeared to be moving counterclockwise. I imagined that as a fun literary device.

    It’s an unremarkable thing, but I began to wonder how many other unremarkable things I hadn’t seen before.

  14. Tim Macknay

    PB, I’m glad what sounded like a nasty scare ended up as a couple of days’ rest. 🙂

  15. GregM

    Interesting fact related to Al Capone Paul.

    When Franklin Roosevelt had to go to Congress on 8 December 1941 to deliver his Pearl Harbor speech, thee Secret Service had to look for an armoured car to drive him there from the White House to the Capitol building as the vehicle issued to him was not armoured plated and there were fears of a Japanese attack on the President. (You’ll appreciate that paranoia was running strong in the aftermath of the attack).

    The only one they could find on short notice was the one that the US Treasury had confiscated from Al Capone after his tax difficulties put him in gaol. Told whose car it was Roosevelt apparently said “I hope he doesn’t mind”.

  16. David Irving (no relation)

    Fran, some wag produced an anti-clockwise clock for the southern hemisphere some years ago (think about it).

  17. Fran Barlow

    Ah yes … coriolis effect DI(NR) … sinking air. Did it run clockwise during a cyclone? 😉

  18. Fran Barlow

    Hmm strangest mod ever. I wonder which term did it?

    Ah yes … cori*lis effect DI(NR) … sinking air. Did it run clockwise during a cyclone? 😉

  19. Fran Barlow

    Why would you want to kill a skink, Brian?

  20. Paul Norton

    Reading this thread reminds me that tonight I face the challenge of rounding up not two but four chickens including an ornery black rooster that attacks other living creatures indiscriminately.

  21. David Irving (no relation)

    Not Coriolis effect, Fran – think about what the shadow of the gnomon on a sundial does in the southern hemisphere.