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12 responses to “Saturday Salon”

  1. Graham Bell

    Good morning, everyone.
    This morning, 7:30~9:00am (in the Eastern states), I shall be listening to Geraldine Doogue’s “Saturday Extra” programme on ABC Radio National. One topic this morning is all the house buying in Australia by mums-&-dads investors from China.

    Wonder if they will cover what’s happening outside the capital cities? Or the effects on Australian families trying to get into a house or flat of their own? Or the effects on the rental market? Or the “gold-rush” attitudes of some in the real estate business and in government?

  2. Fran Barlow

    Sometimes, people wonder about the meaning of the concept of the separation of powers or states operating under the rule of law. What does that mean and what purpose is served by it, they ask. We’ve had a bit of that with the attempts of various state regimes to criminalise bing a bikie and the general harrassment of them.

    This video showing the efforts of ant-poverty activists resisting a putative mortgagee possession illustrates very well the value of the rule of law (and accountability because everyone now gets to see it.

    It’s a little long (25 mins) but I found the lead defender to be an incredibly determined and well-prepared reeister. He was an immovable object, but he was resisting with his words and his education and the force of his mind, fuelled by his passion.

    I don’t know if he is with the UK Greens, but based on this performance, he would be a huge asset.

  3. Fran Barlow

    oops …

    being a bikie

  4. philip travers

    Graham Bell,whilst you are asking for some better type of definition besides the mum and dad crap,take a look or maybe this mornings Koperberg ABC Radio conversations from Sydney will be recorded.It was all about the Blue Mountain fires,and Koperberg adding what he thinks is his wisdom to the general set of problems.Whilst their air of practicality appears always with experts leaders in fields like fire fighting and ex Politicians,one cannot say that about what the motivations of the ABC people are.The story that it will cost more to rebuild their homes to a more worthy bush fire resistant building standard and code,where the two words are not referring to the same thing,I think needs some sort of forensic view to see,if this actually does corellate with increasing costs.As yet I am not that interested in the subject,except [fixed] Koperberg’s attitude,must be a bit disillusioning for many seeing he may still be able to in some way to represent those affected people by bulk purchase or something to reduce their costs.All I really want to say if buildings meeting the code or standard can be made of strawbale concrete rendered,or Earthbag buildings and similar concrete rendering,why not encourage that and,thus do all as bulk purchasing,looking for the most economic outcome in the devilish details.It would seem there is a repulsion to let people back on their land in caravans etc. so the visualisations are up at dawn and the sun salutes them to dusk!There would seem to be maybe,a practical outcome in looking at N.S.W. Muslim builders and what they achieve!

  5. Graham Bell

    Philip Travers @ 4:
    It can be a lot cheaper to rebuild houses that can endure fire and flood and storm – and be thermally efficient as well.

    But this is Australia, the Clever(??) Country, and NOBODY in the finance industry would lend for the construction of innovative houses – but they will throw money around like drunken sailors for rebuilding the same sorts of fire-traps that were burnt down and for the same sorts of “stationary submarines” that are impossible to clean after a flood.

    Even if you were a millionaire and didn’t need to borrow money to rebuild, how are you going to get an innovative design approved by all the knuckle-walkers so that you could have it built? You could have a world-famous architect, a brilliant structural engineer, a Nobel Prize winning geologist, a noted ecologist and your favourite soothsayer in tow when you submit your building application and the answer would still be “NO”.

    What is needed is a radical rethink on safe, durable, user-friendly, inexpensive, thermally-efficient dwellings in this land of frequent fires, floods and storms.

  6. zorronsky

    Laurie Oakes’ book, Remarkable Times 2010-2013, probably will reinforce the Murdoch/Bolt version of that time.
    This letter comes close to what I feel. http://theaimn.com/2013/11/09/an-open-letter-to-laurie-oakes/

  7. David Irving (no relation)

    Thanks, zorronsky. That piece from Victoria Rollison was cathartic.

  8. zoot

    zorronsky, I second DI(nr) – what a great letter.
    Here’s hoping gormless Laurie will receive a copy.

  9. Debbieanne

    Can I third it, good read. And I was just wondering if M rAbbot is our George W? You know, we always being a few years behind the US:)

  10. Graham Bell

    Zorronsky @ 6:
    And I’ll say “aye” as well. Thanks for the link. Brilliant.

    Poor Laurie Oakes; he’s just obedient and doing his masters’ bidding …. but today, especially today, I wondered why the blazes I ever risked my life for the sort of people on the upper end of his leash.

  11. Chris
  12. Mk50 of Brisbane

    By Hannah Lucinda Smith

    A terrible insight into the real face of Al Nusra and its associated groups.