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7 responses to “Copping out at COP 19 in Warsaw”

  1. Huggybunny

    Hi Brian,
    People keep sending me stuff about an imminent mini ice age due to lack of spots on the sun.
    What does the IPCC have to a say about this theory ?

  2. Huggybunny

    Did my research on the little ice age of the 18th century, it was almost certainly triggered by the eruption of the Somalas volcano in Indonesia.
    The sunspot cycle brings only about 0.1% change in insolation hardly enough to make any difference.
    So all that scare stuff about a new ice age is just propaganda.

  3. John D

    I think we have reached a stage where things like the Warsaw conference are irrelevant. What is really making the difference now is independent action by a whole raft of countries including Aus, the US and China. As this action grows the political power of the businesses that are involved in climate action and the people whose jobs depend on climate action.
    The thing that would help most of all would be the exclusion of climate action from WTO rules. Many countries need the economic stimulation that accelerating climate action would give. However, this stimulus is not going to work for many countries while the WTO insists that countries that already have massive debt problems must go further into debt to buy cheaper solar panels, wind power and engineering services from other countries.
    BTW. It was nice to see Abbott government actually being honest about what australia’s position on climate action is.

  4. Moz of Yarramulla

    [email protected]: I’m pessimistic enough to think that for a few hundred billion dollars many countries would modify or withdraw from those treaties. It would be cheaper for the industrialised countries to get toegther and write new treaties than pay the compensation. Assuming that tying the litigation up for decades doesn’t work well enough.