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16 responses to “Lazy Sunday”

  1. wilful

    I was up at 4 am to watch a cracking win by the wallabies.

  2. Terangeree

    Learnt during the week that my wife is pregnant, and that the baby is due on or near my birthday next year.

  3. jules


  4. Graham Bell

    Terangeree X 2: Best wishes. 🙂

  5. Paul Norton

    I still smell of petrol from my Sunday afternoon spent wrangling the whippersnipper.

  6. paul burns

    Congatulations to you and your missus, Terangeree. A Wonderful way to start a summer.
    Sunday. Still reading Capone bio. Its very well researched but the writing is execrable. I don’t know if this is usually the case with American gangster history or just this book, but being a bugger for punishment when it comes to history, I ordered Boardwalk Empire (the book), so we’ll see.
    Watched Dr No and From Russia With Love.. Saw Abbott lying on the ABC News.Watched the Michael Howe documentary drama on ABC 1. Loved it.
    Monday morning. Sitting here at my computer, drinking strong black coffee and having petit quiche lorraines for breakfast.

  7. Graham Bell

    [email protected]:
    Depending on whether or not you have a jungle – can definitely recommend a battery trimmer.
    No stink, no busted elbow or shoulder, low noise, saves trips to service station, no oil-petrol mixture worries, no fire risk …. downsides are cost – and lack of oomf to drive a brushcutter blade in very tough woody stuff.
    If you are filthy rich, suggest going for 36volt Lithium-ion powered: Stihl, Ryobi, Makita.
    Otherwise, have you considered a sheep or a goat, maybe even geese?

  8. Helen

    Congratulations Terangeree!
    (My Sunday was so lazy I didn’t even get around to reading the thread!)

  9. Helen

    “On or near my birthday” – I predict some great parties!

  10. Brian

    Congrats Terangeree!

    Paul N, I’ve not had experience with electric trimmers, but have had plenty with the petrol variety.

    Generally I favour four-stroke and established brands. Many people don’t know that 2-stroke fuel goes off after mixing. You shouldn’t leave any in the machine and make up only as much as you need, which is difficult for the casual user. The motors are best run flat out, which is problematic around glass and people, and best run with too little oil than too much.

    The cheap trimmers around are really toys and the mower shops won’t repair them.

    High grass needs at least a 28cc (27cc is not enough). So a Honda 25cc for lighter work and you may as well go Honda 35cc if you have heavy stuff. Significant initial outlay, but great flexibility, they’ll always start, can be run with low throttle and will last forever.

  11. mindy

    Congratulations Terangeree wonderful news.

  12. Ronson Dalby

    Test post because my last two posts on another thread have disappeared (I didn’t get a line saying they were in moderation after posting).

    [Askimet seems to have taken a liking to you. Have fished your comments out of the spam bin ~ Mod]

  13. Salient Green

    I would like to endorse Brian’s comments on trimmers/brushcutters.
    I have a Honda brushcutter and it is the Rolls Royce.
    The harness is very comfortable, I don’t need ear protection, starts first time every time, goes nearly twice as long on the same amount of fuel and doesn’t stink the place up with smoke.
    Apparently gardening/landscape contractors who use these things all the time save the price of the unit per annum in fuel costs alone re 4stroke vs 2stroke.
    I am comparing it with a Stihl brushcutter which needed crankshaft seals in the end and it would have cost more in repairs than a new one.
    I also bought a really cheap 2stroke trimmer because it had a hedge trimming attachment but my hands go numb after using it for 20mins, let alone the hassle of getting it started, the noise and fuel guzzling.
    The Honda cost me over $700 whereas a new Stihl would have been under $500. Glad I paid the extra.

  14. Graham Bell

    Nah. I’ll go for biological grass and weed control as my first option.

    An old fashioned, comfortable (even for a damaged bloke), well-sharpened scythe and a long-handled cane-knife with a canecutter’s bend in the blade and sharped at different angles along the blade as my second option (lost both in a flood).

    Third choice is a 36volt Li-ion battery-powered trimmer.

    And a hell of a long way back in fourth place is a BIG 4-stroke petrol trimmer ( but if you are going to pay that sort of money, you’ld be better off buying a hefty battery-powered one in the first place).

    Of course, replacing lawn with vegetables and herbs and flowers will save all of this bother. 🙂

  15. Brian

    @ 14, I won’t bore everyone as to why options 1-3 are not practical in places I work.

    SG @ 13, last 35cc Honda I bought in Apr 2012 was $620. Stihl didn’t have an equivalent but it wouldn’t have cost much less. I keep logs and the Hondas last more than twice as many hours.

    Honda have now introduced split shaft gear with hedge-trimmer attachments etc.

  16. Terangeree

    Thank you, all, for your congrats.

    Honda whipper-snippers are, indeed, the “Rolls-Royce” of their category.


    They need a minimum of 95 octane unleaded to run. If you inadvertently put any ethanol mix in the tank, you will soon find that the engine has been comprehensively copulated and will need a few hundred dollars to be spent on repairs.