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5 responses to “Lazy Sunday”

  1. Kevin Rennie

    Saturday evening with Leonard Cohen and friends at Hill winery near Geelong. He’s the crack that let’s the light in.

  2. Gummo Trotsky

    Jammed some blooze. In doing so, discovered that my brain has mastered a new trick while I wasn’t paying attention. Pleasing.

  3. tigtog

    Went to a year end picnic on the grass near Manly Wharf with a bunch of comedy ladies who I haven’t seen for ages. We chilled out in the shade of a Norfolk Pine and enjoyed the breeze. Most enjoyable.

  4. paul burns

    Electricity off Sunday for a little while, so on oxygen bottles instead of machine. When the electricity was on, watching Breaking Bad.

  5. jules

    Gummo is that trick adding unexpected Ls?