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11 responses to “Lazy Sunday”

  1. Deborah

    I was nominated to run for Labour in the NZ general election next year. In a rural electorate, so it will be quite a challenge.

  2. philip travers

    I had not so wonderful a day.But I have experimented with a plastic jug of full cream milk,where refrigeration isn’t something I want.So I put a pouring of an Australian brand organic honey in it,and followed up with bulk shop citrus skins.The citrus skins breakdown and work with the honey to make a thick foam after shaking a bit .[End of Howard’s Ultra heating of food via nuke treatment.Which appeared as Liberal Policy after I tried to find in the Sydney Mitchell Library what they had on nuke treatment of food.And did the stupid thing,writing a letter to a newspaper,as to how there was little in the library about nuke treatment of food and standards.Like his arse was on fire Howard pushed on through,I was simply opposed to nuke treatment of food,and thought I was doing the right thing,in that, can one rely on anyone’s thoughts about such matters unless ,one has reference materials!?.]

  3. philip travers

    I also tried travelling back in time from today to be at Julia Gillard’s house Auction.But due to the fact,there is no bank in the Astral Planes will issue me with credit[for having the same name as a NZ mountain],I just reminded myself,to turn the electricity on again.After avoiding the lightning for the third time.Picked nose,said my I I I I prayers and landed by finger here.In fact, this site,was the only relief from my prayer with the I I I I up it.

  4. Terangeree

    Beginning of school holidays.

    Told the children about their forthcoming new sibling. They’re still in shock.

    Master 12 can’t believe that his mum’s having a baby.
    Miss Seven is upset that she’s being usurped from the role of “beloved baby”.

    Miss Seven also thinks it would be a good idea for the baby to be named after her favourite Nintendo character.

  5. Graham Bell

    Deborah: Congratulations. Win, lose or draw you will still gain a lot of personal value from taking on the challenge. Best of luck!

    Philip Travers: It is as well you’re not in China; heard they have just banned all time-travel stories.


    Master 12 can’t believe that his mum’s having a baby.

    Well, tell him she’s allowed to. I’ll bet all his mates know by now. Miss 7-year-old will soon be promoted to Big Sister. Anyway, it’s good that the kids get to find out that life is full of surprises.

  6. paul burns

    Congratulations and good luck. Whip those Tories.
    A really quite Sunday. Reading up a bit on early Japanese history. Looked up a few books. Cambridge History of Japan, Vol. 2 on the Heian Era, which is the bit I’m interested in is over $200. So I have to have a bit of a think.
    Quiet night watching TV. Not sure what I thought of Possum Wars.. When it comes to people a collection pf the sleepless, the selfless and the foolish I think.

  7. Zabeel the Horse

    Oi hev been ritoired from breedung duties et the roipe old age of twinty-sivin. Ut was fun whoile ut lastid.

  8. Fran Barlow

    It was my turn to do Sunday breakfast yesterday and since June 9 (when we did the big move out to Girraween) we’ve been working on the kitchen garden.

    I did a household favourite — toasted sourdough with pumpkin seeds with silver beet, haloumie, mushrooms and tomato.

    This time around though I was able to season with shallotts, parsely, thai basil, some capsicum and red chili from our garden. We also drew the beet and tomatoes from our garden. Just for fun I put in some “notbacon” rashers on the side (not from our garden of course). We even made a small coffee each roasted and ground from coffee beans from our coffee tree.

    The meal was a great hit. I don’t know if it tasted any better than if we’d simply bought the garden stuff from the shops but it certainly seemed so. Doubtless, things always seem better when you’ve become emotionally invested in them and they turn out.

    In this case, our meal should also have had far fewer “carbon miles” than store-bought stuff, was as far as we knew, organic and certainly picked and used fresh (well the tomatoes were left to ripen on the window sill of the kitchen).

    Yesterday we harvested our first ever eggplant and immediately did a lovely ratatouille and a pesto (some of which I’ve taken to work today).

    Big warm inner glow …

  9. Moz of Yaramulla

    Congrats Deborah, good to see someone I vaguely online-know running in a winnable seat! With any luck the referendum unhappiness will contribute to an ongoing dissatisfaction with That Nice Mr Key{tm}. Can’t wait 🙂

  10. Terangeree

    Congrats, Deborah.

    Update to my lazy Sunday…

    Took the children to Southbank for an afternoon of swimming. On return to the car, we discovered that one of the tyres had been slashed on our faithful, dented, slightly-daggy 2004-vintage Commodore.

    The tyre was only one month old. 🙁

  11. Helen

    Hooray for Deborah! I don’t envy you, though. Being an MP (or even a candidate) must mean you have to be across everything. Well, not if you’re with PUP or similar, but you’re not one of that kind.