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4 responses to “Saving the CEFC”

  1. Val

    Great speech by Sen Ludlam, have tweeted the link. It really exposes the foolishness of the current government.

  2. Doug

    Hope he gets re-elected.

  3. Tim Macknay

    Full agreement with comments #1 and #2. I hope the government abandons its effort to trash the CEFC.

  4. John D

    Greg Hunt’s direct action proposal looks like wasting taxpayers money on paying polluters to do things they were going to do anyway. The GEFC process looks like a form of direct action that is more likely to get value for money for projects that don’t quite fit into the larger programs used to drive things like investment in renewables.
    The irony in climate politics at the moment is that the coalition really needs organizations like the GEFC to make sensible use of direct action. It also needs the carbon tax to provide the revenue scheme needed to pay for some of their direct action.