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10 responses to “Whimsy”

  1. Mahaut1329

    As a child of the Enlightenment I already feel abandoned and disoriented from dealing with violent Foucuatian tempests. I am not at ease in this turbulent post modern sea. Now up pops a rock wishing to have its say. Are we in a post- human world already? Diderot, Kant, Hume, save me/us.

  2. jungney

    Mahaut, fer gawd’s sakes man, this is a crisis for you. Sartre! de Beauvoir! Marcuse! Zizek. A cure is needed man. Alternately try these bonza aussie sheilas singing ten bucks in the glove box (the sunny cowgirls).

  3. Graham Bell

    After having to put up with listening to the wails of those who have gone broke or wrecked themselves because they steadfastly refused to consider seeing a situation from the opponent’s or rival’s or colleague’s or customer’s or user’s point-of-view …. at last, some really good advice on how to stop this attitude ruining themselves.

    Thank you, Tyrrhenian Sea rock.

    (mind you, none of this lateral thinking will make it into boardrooms).

  4. mindy
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  10. paul burns

    A Last Hurrah!
    And, yes, it is duplicated on the remaining Saturday Salon thread.