Brandis’ vision for human rights in Australia

Before the election, the Human Rights Law Centre asked Mark Dreyfus, Penny Wright and George Brandis to each write a short article outlining their visions and priorities for human rights and justice in Australia. Now that Brandis has become our […]

Is the gagging of NSW CLCs a breach of the implied freedom of political communication?

[My Constitutional Law is rusty and so this is an attempt to start a conversation, not to make a definite argument on this issue. I really welcome thoughtful debate.] The NSW government has recently issued new ‘Principles for Funding of […]

Feminism and the terrifying dependency of children

For Australian women of my generation, many issues of structural gender inequality can seem far removed from their daily experiences and, thus, difficult to relate to. Many civil rights, which were only recently (and only partially) achieved, are easily taken […]

No vaccine, no school?

The federal president of the Australian Medical Association, Dr Steve Hambleton, has suggested that children who are not vaccinated should be held back from attending school. I think this is a terrible suggestion. Let me explain why. First of all, education […]

Water, water, water

Suddenly water has become the hot new political issue for this year and politicians are scrambling over each other to be seen as the most pro-active and visionary after years of ignoring the issue. This morning Howard announced at least […]