Orange frog ponds

Frog ponds and other childhood delicacies

Set aside the election for a few minutes, and indulge in memories of the food of your childhood. Did you have birthday parties? What special food did you have?

Chocolate self-saucing pudding

Chocolate self-saucing pudding

It’s cold and wet in Adelaide. After an extended warm autumn that seemed to last until well through May, at last winter has arrived. In my house, winter means fires and soups and stews and pudding. Extra food to keep […]

Tell me something I didn't know already

It turns out that getting good quality childcare is critical in allowing mothers to work. This time, policy makers might just get around to believing it; the claim is based on a paper prepared by the Australian Treasury. Childcare key […]

Easter is about the food

Easter is about the food

I don’t celebrate Easter, but I’m very happy to eat the food. In the spirit of co-opting feasts and festive food, today I made Hot Atheist Buns, featuring the eye of Sauron. (In previous years I have decorated the tops […]

Election? What election?

The South Australian election: a personal view South Australia has an election on 20 March. But I’m finding it hard to detect any election excitement anywhere about the place. Candidates’ posters are up on all the stobie poles, including some […]

Other things Tony said

The Australian Women’s Weekly is not my usual magazine purchase. In fact, I don’t normally buy it at all, but in a spirit of self-sacrifice, I have paid my $6.80 (inc GST), so that I can read more of what […]