At this stage, not even a mother would think this is beautiful

Cold weather cooking: Pea soup two ways. #2 – Pea and Ham

Well, there you go. Typical, isn’t it? I publish the first instalment, vegetarian pea soup, saying it’s perfectly suited to the freezing winter weather, and what happens? 20 – 22 degrees and blue skies in Melbourne for the best part […]

Cold weather cooking: Pea soup two ways. #1 – Vegetarian

Cold weather cooking: Pea soup two ways. #1 – Vegetarian

What’s nicer (don’t answer that!) than a warming bowl of pea soup in winter, especially the icy depth of winter we’re experiencing in Melbourne now with breezes alternating between antarctic (southerly) and alpine (northerly). I love soups like these because […]

The Victorian State Budget: “What the…?”

In the Victorian State budget brought down yesterday, the Baillieu government was keen to tell us that we were in for austerity in education spending – they’re aiming for over $300 million in cuts in the next 4 years “in […]

The gates of hell are open wide, with a nice fresh coat of paint in Federation colours

The A-G has just announced that after much deliberation the Government has decided we’re not going to have a national Bill of Rights. We’re going to have a Framework instead, apparently. What that would mean I’m not sure. (My guess: […]