Author: Laurie McGregor (CC)

Is this a political opinion column, or am I just making it up?

Good. Good, I’ve started with a tendentious question that presents both sides of a story that actually has about sixty sides or, in this case, no sides at all. At least there’s not a blank page any more. Should I […]

School crossing

The last publicly-educated generation?

If we remain complacent, it is quite likely that children born this year will be the last to enjoy free, secular and universal secondary education in NSW. (OH&S warning: Long and winding post. No overtaking for 2000 words. Snack recommended.) […]

This is your brain on politics

This post is a follow-up to Political brains under the microscope from Brian. Following months of peer review, a University College London study which identified correlations between certain brain structures and political views in young adults has been published in […]

Pending a recount, Greens claim Balmain

With counting completed, the NSW Electoral Commission has provisionally declared the NSW State Legislative Assembly seat of Balmain for the Greens. There’s only a couple of hundred hotly-contested preferences in it, so a recount would appear likely. According to the […]

NBN bills passed: Sky remains in place

ABC Nyooz is reporting that the NBN bills have passed the Senate. Naturally, the first thing Aunty reports on this momentous event is what the Opposition Spokesflunky has to say about it. Later this week, I’m attending a seminar on […]

Quick Link: update on class-sizes data

Just in time for school holidays! Following on from this recent discussion about effective spending investment in education, the CEO of the Australian College of Educators, Margaret Clark, has published a dissection of recent claims: Policy boffins, and those […]