His Honour v Herr Kommandant

His Honour v Herr Kommandant

Last week Qld premier Campbell Newman told the state’s legal fraternity to “come out of your ivory towers” and realise the only reason the government introduced a raft of tough new laws because the “system was failing”. He said members […]

Brandis’ vision for human rights in Australia

Before the election, the Human Rights Law Centre asked Mark Dreyfus, Penny Wright and George Brandis to each write a short article outlining their visions and priorities for human rights and justice in Australia. Now that Brandis has become our […]

Is the gagging of NSW CLCs a breach of the implied freedom of political communication?

[My Constitutional Law is rusty and so this is an attempt to start a conversation, not to make a definite argument on this issue. I really welcome thoughtful debate.] The NSW government has recently issued new ‘Principles for Funding of […]

No vaccine, no school?

The federal president of the Australian Medical Association, Dr Steve Hambleton, has suggested that children who are not vaccinated should be held back from attending school. I think this is a terrible suggestion. Let me explain why. First of all, education […]