NSW Government

Is the gagging of NSW CLCs a breach of the implied freedom of political communication?

[My Constitutional Law is rusty and so this is an attempt to start a conversation, not to make a definite argument on this issue. I really welcome thoughtful debate.] The NSW government has recently issued new ‘Principles for Funding of […]

School crossing

The last publicly-educated generation?

If we remain complacent, it is quite likely that children born this year will be the last to enjoy free, secular and universal secondary education in NSW. (OH&S warning: Long and winding post. No overtaking for 2000 words. Snack recommended.) […]

NSW election: New beginnings at Sussex Street?

At long last, after all the slightly nutsy talk in the media about “recall elections” and what seems now like an endless litany of scandals, the people of New South Wales have spoken. Save for at the margins, what they […]

How important are Greens preferences in the NSW election?

The Sydney Morning Herald seems to be running a bit of a campaign to portray the coming New South Wales election as apocalyptic for Labor, and thus worthy of interest. It would be foolhardy to assume that, under pressure, votes […]