Directing cancer research

Medical research, and cancer research in particular, is the recipient of charitable funding in a way that few other areas of research are.

An effective malaria vaccine!

This is amazing – a (partially) effective vaccine for malaria. The full scholarly article on the Phase 3 clinical trial is here. In short, the vaccine reduced the incidence of malaria amongst vaccinated children by about half. It’s not a […]

The responsibilities of advocacy

The responsibilities of advocacy

Clem Bastow has penned an op-ed criticizing Australian of the Year Pat McGorry for not defending the Better Access Program from cuts. But is he really obliged to?

Pharmaceutical budget savings

In many ways the Budget was too complex to create a simple narrative. Laura Tingle had an excellent piece illustrating this. In another piece she said that the Budget was actually better than the spin. She was impressed with spending […]

Medical research and corporate tax

From the perspective of somebody whose research is (partly) funded through the Australian Research Council, the world of medical research has sometimes looked like a land of milk and honey, where lavish laboratories, full of very expensive machines that go […]